Friday, June 13, 2014


This post is mostly just some pictures from a day at the beach.  We had a cloudy and somewhat stormy day on Tuesday.  It never rained but we all managed to get sunburned, including Elle and I felt like a terrible mother.  It wasn't too severe but I should of been more vigilant with the sunscreen on a cloudy day.  
Elle gets so over me asking to take her picture.
But isn't she cute with her ponytail and her coverup.
On the golf cart headed to the beach.
Family Selfie.
CeCe and Elle doing some playing at the beach.

Nannee got in on the action too.
Elle loved when I made her a mermaid tail and asked me to do it for her every single day.

These pictures are from a different day but I had to include them.  I am telling you.  These sweet pictures of Elle and the ocean are so important to me.

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