Saturday, June 14, 2014


At this point I am not sure if I am even going in order of how our vacation went but oh well.  I am enjoying myself.

A lot of nights we ended up in Seaside for dinner.  We did some of the more casual options this year instead of making Elle have to sit at a table.  We went to Bud an Alley's Taco Stand and Pickles and we enjoyed a more relaxed atmosphere.  After dinner we always hit up the ice cream shop.
Elle sporting her awesome new shades that are way to big for her head.  We have a sunglass problem with her. They are either waaaay to small or huge.

On Tuesday morning we all went to Cowgirl Kitchen for breakfast and gave Elle the news that she was going to be a big sister. She really is so excited and I could not be more proud.  Once we stuffed ourselves we headed to the beach where I was excited to take our announcement pic to share for the entire world.
Headed to the beach.  Love this picture of the two of us.
And here is our announcement picture we took.  She looks super excited and proud to be in this picture but since she can't read she doesn't even know what this picture is about and we had to bribe her to sit down and take a bunch of really fast pictures before the water washed the letters away again. Just keepin it real!
Beach selfie.
Kenny cooking up this delicious salmon dish that we snacked on before eating delicious steamed shrimp from Goatfeathers.

One morning we took a break from the beach and went to some of the shops in Watercolor after brunch.  Kenny had to take a phone call so the girls took a cruise in the golf cart and we ended up at this pretty pond/lake/sound (I dunno) and had to take advantage of the photo-op.

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