Friday, June 20, 2014


We have had some wonderful summer days this past week.  I would say that our highs have been high and our lows have been low. Those lows have come in the way of some major discipline issues and meltdowns that I am a little unsure of how to handle next but for now I am doing the best I can.  A friend and I were talking about our three year old girls and how they are just so sweet and then they can be so terrible too.  Still, I am so incredibly grateful that I get to spend these summer days with Elle.  We really have been having more fun than trouble.

My favorite thing about summer is that Elle always smells like sunscreen. Even after she has had a nice long soak in the tub she still emerges smelling of sunscreen.  And smelling like sunscreen means that we have been outside and we have been having fun!

One day after spending the early morning working out at the gym we met our friends Sara, Abigail and Anna Claire at the splash pad.  This was our first splash pad experience and it was an absolute hit! They had the best time.  Only problem now is Elle looks like she has been in a battle because the splash pad surface was slick and she kept slipping and skinning her knees!

Any day that we do something like the splash pad or pool in the morning we come home and crawl into our bed and watch movies in the afternoon.  Elle rarely naps but just the rest is all she needs most days. Then she falls asleep in 2.5 seconds at night. So we can handle no napping I guess.
Elle relaxing in our bed.  This day I put out a nap time mat in case she fell asleep and wet the bed.  She didn't fall asleep. 

Another afternoon we met Sara, Abigail and Anna Claire at the pool again for a little bit.  It ended up thundering so we had to get out. But they still had fun.  We made up for them having to get out with ice cream.

Friday morning we met up with a bunch of our friends and lots and lots of little girls that Elle loves to play with at the pool.  We were so happy to play and relax by the pool.  Elle even ventured off the shallow end steps wearing her floaty and was soon all over the pool.  This was a huge deal and Kenny and I are so excited that she realized that she can be a little more mobile in the pool!

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