Sunday, June 15, 2014


Okay last one I promise!  Just a few more pictures I swear!

The last couple of days we hit up the pool in the afternoon and some in the morning.  Elle loves the beach but toward the end of the week the temperature got a lot warmer and it was just a lot to go out there for me.  Plus sometimes I get over the sand at a point too.
Floating with Daddy.

One evening we stayed at the pool until dinner time and then road the golf cart over to Pizza by the Sea, ordered pizzas to go and then played outside while we waited.  Then we brought them back to the beach house and had a picnic on the screened in porch per Elle's request.  It was one of my favorite nights of vacation.  So relaxed and Elle and Kenny were dancing together while we listened to music.
Seasawing while we waited on pizza.

Elle really loves helping people cook in the kitchen so she helped CeCe make breakfast one morning. Her personal favorite, eggs and bacon!
Eating marshmallows at the beach.  Because who doesn't!
Dancing at the beach.  Because who doesn't!

Finishing up dinner out one night. A rare pic with Mommy so I included these!

Reading books with Nannee.

And then it was time to go say goodbye to the beach.  Vacation was coming to an end and we spent the  morning at the pool.  It was only appropriate that we bid farewell.  This time we were smart enough not to bring Elle fully clothed.
Carrying her shovel and sandcastle mold to make one last sandcastle.
One last golf cart selfie.

Toes in the water and sand.
Someone was sad and like I said before.  Tired of pictures.

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