Wednesday, July 2, 2014


As I mentioned yesterday, our week was crazy last week.  I got home late Wednesday, we had preschool and Elle's little best friend Abigail's 3rd birthday party Thursday afternoon and then we left for Memphis for a long fun filled weekend on Friday.

Let's do a little photo recap shall we!

Abigail's sweet birthday was at our local pottery painting place.  Sarah had a great idea in just inviting a few little girls.  Big birthdays can be so overwhelming and I think all the little girls had a lot of fun.  Elle was thrilled because it literally was all her best friends from preschool. (minus two because they were sick)

I took a ton of pictures because with it being such a small town I feel like these pictures of all these little girls will be the ones in their senior videos.  It is strange to think that these kids will be together their entire school lives.  

The invitation asked for each girl to wear their favorite princess dress.  Elle chose her Cinderella dress because it plays music and lights up, naturally. 
Painting their princess tiles.  Elle's was quickly all one shade of gray.
They were having a blast even though they don't look like it.  Getting ready to have their hand prints done.
This place had a little playroom the kids could go play while the paint dried and while we got their plates of food ready.  Love this picture.  Miriam on the right, Abigail in the middle are two of Elle's favorite friends!
Elle and Abigail.
Enjoying some snacks.

Friday we headed to Memphis to stay with my sister and stayed very busy! Friday night, my sister kept Elle while Kenny and I went out for a nice dinner and then went to see the Book of Mormon.  I was so excited to finally see this play.  It was very good, very funny and very very raunchy.  Definitely not for the faint of heart.

Saturday morning we woke up and took Elle to breakfast at Blue Plate cafe and then let her hang out with my mom for  a while we ran some shopping errands.  Have to take advantage of good stores when we can!
Coloring at breakfast.

The weather in Memphis was really really terrible all weekend. Like stormed and stormed.  But that did not stop us from cooking out with our old crew at Mollie's house.  This was really the first time we have all been together in ages especially with all the kids. There were a lot of kids! They had a ball!
Sweet friends reunited.  Loftin and Elle have been friends since they were babies.
Playing a game of some sort.  Quiet for a quick moment.
Mack modeling some sunglasses.  Baby Charlie who will be 1 very soon in the background!

Enjoying some dinner. Loftin, Elle and Lizzie.
And some Popsicles.

The boys having some delicious dessert.

Sunday morning I was so happy to be able to meet my friend Susan for brunch and to go see her new studio space.  So excited for her business JPress Designs!  Then it was time to head to Loftin's 4th birthday fun.  Elle had so much fun and then we piled in the car to go home.  We got home late and were all wiped!

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