Tuesday, July 15, 2014


This great but very hot weekend got off to a great start when I attended the Junior Auxiliary Provisional tea with so many of my new friends here in Starkville.  I will begin my Provisional year with lots of sweet girls that I have gotten to  know over this past year that we have lived in Starkville.  
Hooray for volunteering with friends!

Saturday morning we went to one of my sweet friend, Lindsey's little girl's birthday party.  They had it at their house and had lots of pools and slip and slides set up.  The kids had a great time.  I was hot hot hot but it was totally worth it because Elle had so much fun!
Anna Claire, Elle and Abigail going down the side.
Blowing out the candles.
I cherish this picture with friends, all of our children and most of them looking at the camera.
Enjoying a melted Hershey kiss.

After the party Elle and I ran some errands.  She is just so fun to be with these days.  I enjoy talking to her and she makes me laugh almost every minute we are together. This was the first time she asked to ride in one of these humungo carts.  So of course I had to snap a picture that I of course sent to my mom and sister.  And then we all group texted about how old she looks.  Where did her baby face go! I want to cry!
Big girl!

The rest of the weekend was spent cooking out with friends, visiting a new church and then lunch with friends, pool time and relaxing.  Sunday night after hearing one of our friends talk about it we decided to revisit China Garden.  It is a Chinese buffet here in Starkville that Kenny and I used to eat at all the time in college.  We have not been back since college but thought it sounded good and might be fun to take Elle. It was still pretty good and Elle had fun listening to our memories and trying new foods.
Enjoying the buffets ice cream selection.

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