Thursday, July 17, 2014


How far along 19 weeks and two days  My What to Expect App says Walker is the size of a mango.

Total weight gain/loss? Most likely around 10 pounds. Ugg.  

Maternity Clothes? Yes.  Finally got some maternity bathing suits that I ordered in.  I ordered them to big but didn't feel like returning them and risking not having them in time for our Las Vegas trip so I kept them and they are so much more comfortable.  I also got my items from a maternity boutique called Pink Blush and I am really really pleased with of of it.  Makes me have hope that I will be able to get some fall pieces that I feel cute in.

Stretch Marks- None. Still need to start lotioning up though!

Sleep? Sleep is okay. Just have to get up to pee all the time. It is such an evil cycle. I am thirsty all the time so I drink all the time and then I pee all the time.  Sigh.

Best Moment Last Week? A low key week and weekend with my family.  

Movement?Yes! Yes! Yes! I am so excited to be feeling him move constantly!  Kenny has even felt it already.  We are having a hard time getting Elle to sit still long enough to feel him and then she has such a small hand so it doesn't cover a whole lot of my belly so its going to have to be perfect timing.

Food cravings? Cold things and oh my goodness sweets! I am not a sweets eater and every night I get into bed and want candy! I have also been craving chocolate pudding.  Cold and sweet!

Gender? It's a boy! Kenneth Walker.

Labor Signs? None. But I am OVER the progesterone shots.  Last weeks made me so sore I am just now feeling better.  Just in time to get another one.  I am going to beg them to skip this week because it will kill me traveling on a plane and I don't want to hurt and limp the entire trip.  That really is how miserable they are making me.  Call me a baby I don't care!

Belly button in/out? In and hoping it stays in. It never came out with Elle.

What I miss? Not missing too much right now.  I wish I could work out harder and keep my strength.  I am trying but just feel like it is harder and harder for me to do the simplest things in the gym.

What I am looking forward to? I am looking forward to our anatomy scan on Friday.  I am growing anxious about it and hoping that he will get a perfect report. Then I am excited to spend some grown up time with Kenny on a little mini vacay!  

Funny things Elle has said this week about Walker:  Nothing that stands out too much this week.  We did see my doctor, Dr. Fyke at a birthday this weekend and I introduced Elle to her and explained that she was Walker's doctor and would help Walker come.  Then we saw her again at the pool the next day and Elle was so excited to see"Walker's doctor."  

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