Tuesday, July 1, 2014


16 & 17 WEEKS

Last week was just pure craziness.  We were so insanely busy and I was at camp on my actual baby update day and then only in town one day out of the week so we are doing a update combo this time!

How far along 17 weeks exactly today.  My What to Expect App says Walker is the size of a turnip. Last week he was an avocado.

Total weight gain/loss? I had a normal checkup last week and then had an unexpected doctors visit yesterday for some worrisome things that all turned out fine and well..... I think the weight gain has begun. I am really not sure exactly how much.  But I think I am around 5-7lbs.  This is WITH working out consistently.  Not exactly pleased with the gain but know it is part of it.  Time to kick up the cardio now that I am finally feeling up to it!

Maternity Clothes? Yes.  Although I am already sick of all of them.  Excited for fall so I can get some new seasonal things. I am extra pumped because I ventured into Lululemon just wondering if they might have some running crops that were different from the ones I already have and they did! They just came out with some that have a way bigger top panel that pulls over a preggy belly perfectly!  Plus I will be able to wear these after Walker comes!  So this was a special treat!

Stretch Marks- None but it just occurred to me that I need to start lotioning and Bio-Oiling.  

Sleep? Sleep is actually great! That clock is amazing! Elle is sleeping later and staying in her room until 7 on most days! This is a huge improvement.

Best Moment Last Week? Since we are doing two weeks I have a few.  One was hearing his nice strong heartbeat and starting my progesterone shots to keep him baking for as long as possible.  This week it was actually getting to see him and see how much he has grown so much and appears to be healthy.  We will have our anatomy scan in a few weeks and know  for sure! We also were able to confirm that he is indeed a boy yesterday.  We knew already for our Panorama results but it was still nice to see it.
The only picture of my son's you know what you will ever see! But had to include it!

Movement?.I would say last week I was still on the fence about whether I was feeling him or whether it was just tummy stuff but these last couple days I have started noticing it more and more.  I love love love it. This is my favorite part of pregnancy by far.  Can't wait for Elle and Kenny to be able to feel it too!

Food cravings?  Not a whole lot that I can think of besides cold cold fruit.  The colder the better.  I will say my appetite is getting better.  I have actually managed to get some chicken down.

Gender? It's a boy! Kenneth Walker.

Labor Signs? None. But started my progesterone shots last week and will get one weekly until late into my third trimester.

Belly button in/out? In and hoping it stays in. It never came out with Elle.

What I miss? Being able to breath and work out really hard.  I have lost a lot of my stamina and strength and I want to stay strong through this pregnancy in hopes of rebounding after delivery really quickly.

What I am looking forward to?  I am already looking forward to the anatomy scan and also having Elle and Kenny feel walker kick.  I am also looking forward to spending the Fourth of July with friends!

Funny things Elle has said this week about Walker:  Can't recall anything in particular but she is very excited about anything having to do with him.  Kenny put our crib together while I was at camp and she was so excited to show it to me! She also tells everyone she is going to have a little brother.  Which I appreciate because I am in that stage of pregnancy where people are scared to say anything in fear of them being wrong and I am just pudgy!

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