Monday, July 7, 2014


We just had the best Fourth of July weekend.  The weather was beautiful and cool and we spent every second we could outside.  We spent time with so many different friends and Elle went to bed super late every night and even slept late for her (like 7:45 AM people!) It was just a fabulous fabulous weekend!

On Friday, Kenny was out of town most of the day working with an account for their big sale in Jackson, MS.  So Elle and I had a lazy morning.  She helped me prep some things for the appetizer I was making for the party we were attending later and then we headed outside to play with our water table.  We played outside all morning! We ate our lunch outside and then came in for a rest before finishing up our food and getting showered and ready for the party.  Kenny got home in the afternoon to ride with us out to West Point.
Helping me mix the insides of the appetizers we were making for the party. She loves to help me cook!
 Having a picnic outside.

The party we were attending was hosted by our friends Margaret and Jay at her parents house in Old Waverly.  Old Waverly is a beautiful golf community in West Point which is about a 25-30 minute drive away.  So after a long fun day outside of course this happened....
 A little cat nap.

Once we arrived to the party Elle was a little slow to get going but eventually warmed up and made fast friends with our friends little boy named Ray.  We all enjoyed great food, great drinks and great company before heading out to the tee box right behind the house to watch a fantastic firework show put on by the golf course!  

 Enjoying the standard Fourth of July fair.
 Ray and Elle.  Ray did not want his picture taken.  Love the attitude!
 We actually managed to get a decent family photo!
 The older kids waiting for fireworks.
 Some of the girls at the party.
 At this point of the night we were taking so many pictures of Elle and Ray in case we needed them for their rehearsal dinner video.  They were being so adorable.

Saturday was spent with more friends at someones pool and then we cooked out with our friends Ava and Craig. On Sunday, Kenny played golf in the morning and then I went to see Fault in Our Stars with Margaret.  I read the book and didn't really think it was all that great but thought the movie was so great and cried through a good deal of it.

After the movie we met up with some friends at the pool for some late evening swimming. Summer has just been so fun.  Elle has loved living in our new neighborhood where so many of her friends live and being able to go to the pool or the park on a whim.  I feel the same! We are having a blast and I cannot believe we have only a month left before it is "back to school" time.
Elle and her closest friend Abigail after the pool.

After the pool we all decided to go to Mexican for dinner.  We decided to take one car and I was too afraid to drive Sarah's Yukon.  So we piled up in the Murano.  Kenny was in the back with all the kids.  
Tired babies and daddy watching Peter Pan.

We had a fun dinner with friends before tucking Elle into bed very late for the last night of the weekend.  This morning I asked Elle if she dreamed of pools, friends and Mexican food last night.  And she said "and fireworks!"  Sweet girl!

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