Saturday, July 19, 2014


Kenny and I are getting ready for our trip to Las Vegas and I am exhausted because our magical clock failed us this morning and we were all up at five.  So I bring you a very quick weekly photo dump to recap our week!  It was a pretty low key.  We spent a lot our days playing outside and a lot of our afternoons driving around on the golf cart and watching Kenny on the driving range. The weather was just so incredibly beautiful.

There was one afternoon Elle was playing dress up and we loaded up and headed to the course.  Which  resulted in this picture.  
 My entire heart!
We never really went to the pool this week and one day for lunch after playing outside I decided to make miniature pizzas with Elle.  They are so simple and kid friendly and remind me of my childhood. She absolutely loved it! She ate three of them! We will definitely be doing it again.  She just loves to help me in the kitchen.
 Spreading the pizza sauce!
 Cheese and pepperonis!
 A little cheesin before they hit the oven.
Mommy and Elle selfie with the finished product. 

 Picnic outside enjoying our work.

One evening after dinner and right before bedtime we headed to the range.  Elle and Kenny were being so cute.  Kenny would hit the balls and Elle would stand by the ball bucket and throw him a new ball each time. I pray she continues to love going with him to the golf course and ends up having a genuine interest in playing for herself.

We let Elle drive the cart when we get back into the neighborhood.  She is getting better at steering. Obviously she can't reach the gas just yet.

Kenny's parents are in town to spend time with Elle and Mrs. Ann snapped this picture of us watching a movie together.  A little blurry but still sweet.

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