Thursday, November 13, 2014


That's right! Surprise! Again! Kenneth Walker Lacey is here! Much like his sister he decided to catch us all off guard by his arrival.  At 35 weeks and 4 days my water broke and after 16-17 hours of long hard labor Walker was born at 12:22 weighing a whopping 7lbs 2 oz and 19 inches long. We were instantly in love.  He was completely healthy and had no complications from being premature.  This delivery and hospital stay was completely different than our experience with Elle. 
Our son.  Kenneth Walker Lacey.

So let me back up a little.  On Saturday we took Elle to campus for some tailgating with friends and then the Homecoming Game.  We did not have any company in town this weekend and immensely enjoyed the day with Elle.  Our tailgate was a small group and we left the game after all the girls in the pretty dresses came out.  Early evening we left the tailgate and called in a to go order at a Thai Place and were excited to come home and relax and watch the LSU/Alabama game. I made several comments throughout the day about feeling uncomfortable but never thought it was out of the ordinary aches and pains that I felt on a daily basis. Kenny went upstairs to put Elle to bed and I lied down to try and rest.  Kenny took a while to come down and I knew that he most likely had fallen asleep/zonked out with Elle. I got up to go to the bathroom and then I started to leak.  And never stopped.  Yep.  My water broke. Again. Early.

I called my good friends Margaret and Jay who I was actually texting at the exact moment my water broke and they were at our house in literally 10 minutes.  Then I went and woke Kenny up.  He was completely disoriented and confused when I told him to get up and pack because my water broke.  It was comical.  So for the next half hour we ran around the house trying to make sense of what was happening and pack bags.  We were going to have a baby! 

We got settled into labor and delivery and the nurse checked me and I was half a cm! Which happens to be exactly what my doctor had told me I was the day before when I saw her.  She told us that day (the day before) that we weren't having a baby for at least another week.  Hahahah! So at half a cm we got ready for a long process.  I started having a lot of pain but the doctor wanted me to wait to get my epidural so they gave me some Stadol so I could try and sleep. It made me feel completely drugged but I could never get any sleep because my brain wouldn't calm down. Finally the doctor came and gave me my epidural which ended up being really really painful and I started to get some relief from the pain. I had some times where my blood pressure dropped from the epidural which made me feel really sick. And I still couldn't sleep.  

In the early morning my mom and sister got to the hospital and I was around 4 cm.  I am telling you my labor was moving really slowly.  I eventually progressed to 6cm and around that time got a hot spot where my epidural quit working.  Oh my goodness the pain! So much pain! I was feeling every contraction.  Luckily I was progressing more quickly at this point and the nurse allowed me to start pushing through the contractions because it helped so much even though I wasn't technically pushing.  I know that makes no sense.  They ended up giving me more Stadol because we didn't want to redo my epidural because of my blood pressure dropping. The Stadol didn't really do a lot for my pain but just made it so I didn't care as much.

Finally, it was time to push.  And I could feel a lot at this point.  But a few pushes and we got to meet our son! And it was so incredibly worth it.  And I was so glad labor was over and that I wasn't pregnant anymore!
One of our first moments.  It was so incredible!  PS Wouldn't you know I had a hair appointment schedule for today that I didn't make it to! So say hello to my roots too!
Kenny introducing himself to Walker!
We were so enamored! And I was so swollen! I swear my feet are still total bear claws.  So swollen!
 CeCe meeting her new grandson.
Nannee meeting her nephew.

Kenny's parents arrived in town that afternoon and so they came along with Elle and my sister and my mom so that Elle could have a proper introduction.  This deserves a post of it's own.  Watching Elle meet her little brother was one of the best moments of my life.  So check back for that!

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