Monday, November 24, 2014


Obviously I am writing this post and it is a couple weeks late and it is really strange to be posting about this looking back as the last day before our lives changed.  We were moving through this day not knowing that I would go into labor that night and we would have a son the next day.  So surreal.

Homecoming weekend we were excited to have a low key weekend.  We did not have any guests staying at the house and planned to really spend time together as a family with Walker's impending arrival.

Friday evening we went up to campus for the school's Homecoming parade but I have to be honest it was pretty dismal.  It lasted all of two minutes so after it was over we went to dinner with some of our friends that we had met there. and then headed home.

The next morning we headed up to the Country Club for breakfast and met our friends there.  Elle was so happy to see her friends Annie who is in her class and her older sister Shelby.
Elle with Shelby an Annie.
After breakfast we went home to relax and get ready to do some leisurely tailgating and go to the game.
Elle snuggled and resting up for the game on my Snuggle.

Early afternoon we headed to campus in time for the Dawg Walk and just a few hours of tailgating.  We were excited to have Elle with us this weekend for the tailgate and the game since we had a babysitter the last couple games.
Elle and Daddy on the way to the Dawg Walk.  Elle loves her cowbell!

With our friends and our tailgate partners Jay and Margaret.

After some wonderfully relaxing time at the tailgate we headed to the game.  The weather was great and the game was an easy one.  We stayed until halftime so that Elle could see the girls in the pretty dresses and then we went back to the tailgate for a short time.
Family of three selfie.
Being silly with mommy. This is the face I get most of the time when I ask her for a picture.

It was truly a wonderful and relaxing day spent as a family.  It was everything I could of hoped for to be our "last" day with just Elle.  It is funny to think looking back that this was our most low key football weekend and this was the game and day that my body decided it had had enough and it was time to go into labor.  But it makes for wonderful memories!

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