Monday, November 3, 2014


Well following form I will go ahead and do a football update and then back track to our Halloween festivities another day this week.  We pulled out another win against Arkansas!  Making our record 8-0 and also one of the two teams in the NATION that remain undefeated.  IN THE NATION! That is crazy.  We are still the number one team in the nation and there is lots and lots of talk of what post season games we will be attending.  Even more talk in our house because Walker will be making his arrival smack in the middle of it all, along with the holidays.  It is going to be crazy town!

We had a house full of friends this weekend and a major cold front moved through this week which made for a very chilly game.  We took Elle to tailgate with us for a little while and then she went home to a babysitter since it was a night game.  We are looking forward to Homecoming this week and the game is at 3.  So we are very excited to have her at the games with us again this week. Not to mention this will probably be our last game as a family of three which makes me want to bawl cry.

Here are some pictures from this weekend!

Saturday morning we ran up to the country club for breakfast.  It was a fun morning and we were enjoying taking our time since we didn't have to be at the tailgate until later.
I sent Elle to the tailgate ahead of me with Kenny and some of our friends so that I could have some extra time to get ready and Kenny texted me this picture of them in the car together.  She loves her Daddy.
Despite the very cold weather we all had a great time at the tailgate this weekend.  My friend Margaret and I made chili with all the fixings and Jay picked up hot tamales in the Delta and it was the perfect cold weather meal.  The boys took the kids to the jumpys near our tailgate and Elle played with friends while the grown ups watched the Georgia Florida game.
I can't wait to really be able to have her in my lap again! Love this picture anyway!
Elle and her friend Addison sporting warm hats!

Sunday morning we went to City Bagel with our faves and season house guests the Martinezes.  They left town shortly after and then we watched movies and football and napped ALL DAY.  I know I say it every time but these weekends are so fun but exhausting.
The fish pond at City Bagel is always a hit!
Sweet friends before Francis went bye bye.
Late afternoon naps for all.

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