Friday, November 7, 2014


Here it is! The big reveal.  When I started thinking about Walker's nursery I had no clear vision.  No real idea of how I wanted it to look.  I did know that if I was going to spend money on some nice things I wanted them to last a little while and stay with him as he grew.  I wanted them to be used in his next big boy room too.   I also did not want anything too heavy.  I still want it to be sweet and babyish. 

So some things I knew for sure. I knew that I was going to use our old crib that we bought for Elle.  I am just not into cribs or crib bedding.  I also knew that we had a old gorgeous dresser that was my grandparents I think that I wanted to use.  I knew that I wanted to do some quality curtains that had black out liner and that I wanted a nice chair but did not want to necessarily do a traditional rocker.

So I started looking at artwork, chair fabric and curtain fabric and then asked my friend Kim for some help pulling in some other details. She helped me with finding a rug and having the monogram pillow made.  I chose a rocking chair from Pottery Barn in a tan ticking and my favorite feature of the chair is that the rockers come off and you can put normal feet on it making it a nice arm chair.  I love the results and can't wait for him to be here.  We do plan to put him in his crib immediately just like we did with Elle.  

So here are some pics!
Frames on wall will obviously have some pretty pictures placed in them soon enough.
We were originally going to do something with his entire name on the wall but it would of been way too big so we pulled his initials out of his name letters and my mom made this mongogram wall art.
Excited about my diaper bag hanging over there on the closet door.  It is a Timi and Leslie diaper bag and has a small little purse along with other inserts so this will be my diaper bag and purse all in one.

The swing will eventually be moved downstairs but for now it is living in the nursery.   I love the sign and the sweet quote.  I chose it because its pretty and because Elle loves Peter Pan and I think the quote is cute.

Close up of the top of his dresser.
View from his doorway.  Like I said before swing, Rock N Play and the other little seat will probably be spread throughout the house so the room will be a little less crowded.
And for memories sake a picture of his closet.  My bible study were so generous and had a diaper shower and then we had two sprinkles for baby boy along with I couldn't stop buying sweet gowns.  

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Chelsea said...

His room is adorable!! Love it :)