Tuesday, November 4, 2014


So Halloween! I feel like we didn't do as many Halloween oriented activities this year which was okay.  Last Halloween I felt like by the time actual Halloween night rolled around we were sick of it all.  This year we pretty much kept it to the week of and just a couple of things.

I'm not sure if I had mentioned on here that Elle was going to be a mouse for Halloween.  But she was a mouse.  A costume idea/request she came up with completely out of the blue and on her own.  When I explained to her what Halloween was and how she could choose what she wanted to be she quickly said a mouse. I didn't jump to getting her costume right away and continued to ask her for a couple of weeks what she wanted to be and the answer was always the same.  A mouse.  I was even a little scared that once we got around all her friends who were all going to be a princess of some sort that she would great her choice but she stayed true to herself and I was a proud mama of my cute little mouse!

Elle had a class Halloween party on Friday so she and I made these easy Pinterest find spiders.  According to her they were a total hit at the party!
Helping me out with spiders.

The Thursday night before Halloween we went to Trick or Treat on the Row.  It is always a fun event and the perfect amount of trick or treating. Halloween isn't the easiest holiday when you are 34 weeks pregnant with all the walking but it was still great memories.
Headed to hit up the first sorority house.

We ended up running into many of our good friends and walking with them through most of it which made it even more fun!
Elle, Abigail and Anna Claire

Had to include a picture of Elle at the Chi Omega house.  
Getting her face painted at one of the houses.  We are so so serious about face painting.

Unfortunately I took very few pictures on the actual day of Halloween.  We celebrated our Bulldogs by wearing maroon for Maroon Friday and Elle had so much fun at her class party.  We went over to some our good friends who live one street over (Abigail's parents) for dinner and then trick or treating in our neighorhood.  This was our first Halloween in our neighborhood and it was insane! Lots of people drive in to go trick or treating here so its very crowded and the bowl I left outside of our front door with a note instructing one piece please was gone after two kids I am pretty sure.
They both looked so cute and festive I needed a picture!
Our sweet neighbors across the street dropped off a treat bag for Elle that afternoon.  She was so exited.
Not an exciting picture but the only one I took Halloween night.  Sad face. The girls were enjoying so cute Halloween themed treats that Sarah made!

Trick or treating in our neighborhood was lots of fun and we were all worn out when we got home.  We let Elle stay up a little late and pour out her candy and look through her loot. Because that is just a right of passage.

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