Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Oh man am I behind! I have some serious blog posts to hammer out! Elle starts a new year of preschool tomorrow and football is right around the corner and I am currently in anxiety over drive although I am not totally sure why!!

So her is a total photo dump from the last couple weeks and then there will be a few more specific posts coming too. 

Kenny finally returned home from market last week and with him flying into the Golden Triangle Airport which is super small we were able to go into the airport and watch his plane land through the window and watch him get off the tiny puddle jumper plane and greet him with humongous hugs! We were so so so happy to have him home.  Really happy!
Elle waiting for the plane to land.  Keeping a good eye out.
Still watching and waiting.
Neither one of them would let go of each other.  We missed him!

So happy we get to go home!

Kenny and Elle have still been frequenting the golf course.  She loves going with him and I enjoy the little alone time it gives me.  It seems lately every time they go she has been playing dress up and it is just easier to let her wear whatever she has on.
Driving range in a tutu.
Just had to include this picture because I think she looks cute.  

Even though it is really really hot today.  We had some unseasonably cool days last week.  We still are trying to enjoy our final pool days.  On the cooler days it isn't bad if you are in the pool but you get kind of cold once you get out.
All wrapped up on a cool summer day.  Her lips even look a little blue in this picture.

I signed Elle up for ballet last week (much much more on that soon) and then went to purchase her ballet slippers and tap shoes and she has worn those ballet shoes morning noon and night.  She is so excited for her first class!
Fresh out of the bath and needed the slippers back on immediately.
We went to Waffle House for breakfast one morning and Elle wanted a little bit of everything.  So while Kenny and I had more modest breakfasts Elle had the all-American grand slam. Ha!
Elle is still enjoying using Walker's nursery in progress at her baby's nursery.  Good practice.

Friday night we had friends over for dinner and two of our friends were in from Missouri with their new baby Wyatt.  We were so excited to meet him.  Elle was so sweet with him and I think she will be great with Walker.
Talking to Wyatt.
We were posing for another camera but I thought this was a cute picture.

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