Thursday, August 20, 2015


This past Sunday was my birthday and I enjoyed a low key weekend with my family, Elle and Walker and then had a big girls dinner to celebrate .  Kenny was feeling under the weather because he has staph infection and it was very painful and the antibiotics he was on had him feeling gross but we still managed to enjoy ourselves!

On Friday night we went over to our friends Margaret and Jay's house for a cookout.  We didn't tell Elle who was coming so she was thrilled to see a lot of her closest friends there! It is always nice when the parents and kids are friends.  Makes things easy!
They had the best time on this hammock.  Throughout the night they all sustained some sort of injury.  They played hard!
Hamburgers and cheetos!

On Saturday, my mom and sister came in town bringing lots of edible goodies to derail my diet! My mom brought me petit fours from my favorite bakery in Hattiesburg and Annie brought me my favorite cupcakes from Memphis.  Then I asked my mom to make my favorite meal because going out to eat with two small children wasn't my idea of a relaxing celebration.  So my mom made my absolute favorite! Chicken enchiladas. Saturday afternoon was one of Elle's good friends birthday parties so I took her to that.  It was another fun outing since all my mom friends were there too.
Kate, Ella and Elle
In the meantime Nannee got some Walker time!

Sunday morning I asked to sleep late.  And of course when it was time to sleep late I just couldn't.  I was so mad.  So I had Kenny make my coffee for me and layed in bed and watched DVR while everyone cooked me breakfast. The rest of the day we spent hanging out as a family.  My mom and sister left around noon.

I just had to include the next picture because Walker had his first big boy bath that Sunday night.  Sitting up in the tub all on his own.  He loved it! 
Big sweet boy!

Monday night my friends were so nice to get a group of some of my closest girls together for dinner and drinks out.  They surprised me with a spa gift certificates and other happies along with a birthday cake and covering my night out! It was so fun to see everyone.  I can never have too much girl time!
Group pic!
Blowing out the candles!

Another year older! I don't care all that much about birthdays but I am happy to say at this age I am exactly where I want to be and where I always hoped to be in my life. Grateful for Kenny, my children and my friends and family who make my life what it is.

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