Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Well the big day came and went and I could not of asked for it to go any better.  I am pretty sure I have mentioned in previous posts that I was struggling a little bit with the decision to send Elle to the private school here.  They dismiss at 2:30 and that is a big change for us.  I knew she was ready maturity wise but I was not sure if I wanted her to be away from me that long.  

We spent the last week going to Parent's Orientation and Meet the Teachers so by the time Monday morning rolled around we were super excited!  Although I had to pull her out of bed.  She wasn't ready to wake up.  My child who has always been an early riser does not want to wake up for school.  I have had to drag her out of bed the last two mornings!

The Sunday before the first day of school I took her over to swim at our friends house all afternoon.  We came home and took baths and relaxed the rest of the evening.  I was putting Walker to bed and Kenny found her like this.  Poor thing! Worn out from the summer!
She never woke back up.  Went to bed around 6:30!

So once we were up and at em Monday morning Elle was ready to go! She was so excited to wear her new uniform and carry her new backpack.  It was only a half day so she was a smidge disappointed that she didn't get to take her lunchbox or use her nap mat but no huge issue. After we were dressed we had to have a little photo shoot of course!
Please notice Kenny in the door window of this one.  I love this picture of Elle 
but Kenny makes it so creepy! 
In this one she was telling me that I needed to be quiet so not to wake up our pet wolf spider that we named Charlotte that lives in our guest room window.  Life is random with a four year old!
One with her cute backpack she picked out!

Starkville Academy takes carpool pretty seriously but they said you could walk them in on the first day.  I parked in a business parking lot near the entrance which was closer to Elle's classroom so all the cars were driving in past us to the rest of the school so I did well holding it together because I did not want all the people driving by to see me lose it.  I did get choked up when she reached for my hand as we walked to her class.  Then I got choked up when I told her I had to leave after I had given her hugs and kisses and I pointed out the play dough that was out on a table.  She asked if I could go with her to play with her and I had to tell her no.  That I had to leave. Then I turned and left.  And now I am crying typing this.  

On the first day of school a bunch of my mom friends all meet for breakfast at City Bagel after drop off.  It is a great way to visit and get your mind off of first day jitters.  Plus it is fun to hear how every one's drop off went. I was so grateful for it this year because by the time I left it was almost time to go get her!

When it was finally time for pick up I was so anxious to pick her up! So so so ready!  I couldn't wait to get her in the car! Carpool is really crazy the first weeks.  But I finally got to her and had her in my car.  The first thing she told me was that she made a new friend named Violet.  She must of really clicked with the little girl because it is all she has talked about and was so excited to go back on Tuesday and see Violet!
Excited to be home from her first day of Pre-K!

After Elle had some lunch at home we headed out to meet our good good friends Sarah and Abigail for a son cone and for them to see each other.  They are at different schools this year and were already missing one another from a busy summer!
Look at these sweet girls in their uniforms.

It really was a fantastic day.  But my mama heart is missing her like crazy.  Every day I am watching the clock waiting for pick up because I want to go get her and hear all about her day.  She is having so much fun!

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