Saturday, August 1, 2015


For the last three or four years I have accompanied Kenny out to Las Vegas a few days early before he stays out there for furniture market.  This is the second year that our very good friends Margaret and Jay did the same thing.  Margaret works for Kenny so Jay is her plus one. Last summer I was 20 weeks pregnant for the trip. This time I was not!
This picture was taken at 5AM on the way to the airport with my selfie stick.  We had big plans for the selfie stick but didn't really end up using it that much!

We arrived in Vegas around 11:30 AM on Sunday and immediately changed into our swimsuits, grabbed some lunch and hit up our favorite spot, the pool!

That night we had dinner reservations at STK per Kenny's recommendation.  STK was by far my favorite meal we have ever ever eaten in Las Vegas.  I want to go again for sure.  The food was delicious and the wine was great and the atmosphere is so fun.  Very pretty and classy but then they have a DJ playing the most fun music!  It really is the best place!

Before we took a cab over to the Cosmo we had a pre dinner drink at my favorite casual Wynn Cocktail bar. 
The girls.
The gang!
This is my favorite picture from the trip.  We are all looking snazzy and I think the chandelier looks so pretty behind us.  The Cosmo is a pretty place.

The next morning we all woke up and the Wynn Spa.  Kenny got a deep tissue and I just got a normal massage.  It was the one of the best massages I have ever had.  Pure heaven.  After the spa it was time to head back to the pool of course.  

That night we had tickets to see LOVE at the Mirage.  Kenny and I saw it on my first trip out to Las Vegas but Margaret and Jay had not seen it before and it is soooo incredible so we definitely didn't mind seeing it again.  We went and ate dinner at one of our favorite Wynn restaurants La Cave.  It is a tapas and wine bar.  After dinner we headed to the Mirage for a drink and then the show.  
Blurry picture  I know I know but I like what I see when I squint. Ha!
Hey cutie husband!
Its the girls again!
I was a little over wine after dinner so for the show I chose a simple wells drink. Kenny and Margaret wanted wine but wanted more than one glass so they wouldn't have to get up during the show.  The guy ended up pouring them almost an entire bottle of wine EACH!  It was so nuts!
The winos.

After the show, Kenny and I actually gambled a little.  We rarely gamble but on this night we had so much fun.  We pretty much only play roulette because we know how, the odds are good and it is a game that you can really piddle for a long time and not lose that much money. We started with $100 and got up around $70 or $80 dollars and ultimately broke even.  That is perfect for me.  Didn't win. Didn't lose.

Our last day we slept a little later and had a leisurely breakfast before going guessed it the pool! By afternoon we had more than enough sun and decided to get ready early and reconvene downstairs so the boys could smoke some cigars they bought and have a drink before we went to Carmines for dinner.  We walked outside and then came up a ramp to La Cave so we could get a glass of wine and who do I make eye contact with as I come out on the restaurant's patio! P. Diddy! Or Puff Daddy! Or whatever he is calling himself but still I literally met eyes with him.  And at first I couldn't believe it.  We kept walking and as soon as we got inside I turned around and Kenny was like "yea it was him." Margaret and Jay had not even noticed.  As we waited at the bar for our wine we saw his security detail by the door and several of his crew sitting in the bar too. We had to walk out the same way so we got another good look at him as we went back out to the courtyard and also noticed more security sitting all around him.
As he got up to leave I took this picture! Our brush with fame!

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