Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Saturday afternoon we loaded up the family to go to Fan Day at Mississippi State.  Kenny took Elle last year and it was at the football stadium. This year it was at the Palmero Center.  We were thinking it would be a little cooler since sit was inside.  Unfortunately that was not the case.  It is a decent event but it was very very crowded this year and it primarily focuses on meeting the players and coaching staff and getting autographs.  Kenny and I aren't super into autographs.  I did hope to get that picture of Kenny and I signed when we ran into Dak Prescott at a clothing store here and I was pregnant with Walker but had we even made it to the end of his line (we weren't even allowed to try) he would of only been able to sign a poster. So it ended up not mattering. Despite the crowds, the heat and the event planning flaws we still managed to have a good time and I was glad to spend the afternoon with my family supporting our Bulldogs and gearing up for the football season!
We decided to push Walker's nap and see how he would do.  He did really well.  I loved being able to bring him with us.  Sweet baby.  Hoping for a Momma's boy!
It was fun to pull out some of Maroon and get all gussied up! Look! 
Both of them looking at the camera!

When we arrived there was a long long long line. Like wound around the Palmero Center, the baseball field and the Hump.  We were a little discouraged and thought about bowing out but once you have promised your four year old something bowing out isn't really an option. So instead she just drank most of a coke I brought with me and the line moved fast so it wasn't too bad.  Luckily it was a cloudy day!
Drinking my cherry coke which a real treat for her! 

Once we were inside we tried to get in Dak's line because Elle loves Dak and was the really the only person she would of cared anything about meeting but we were told that they were cutting the line off because we would not make it to see him before the event ended! Yikes! But yay for Dak!

At that point we needed to commit to something.  The lines were really long for everything.  We decided the kids would like meeting the real live Bully the most plus you walked away with a cute picture over a autograph.  So we committed to that line.
We managed to get a family picture! Something I am working on doing more of sine we don't have very many of the four of us! We are all in our maroon and white!

The line to meet Bully was pretty long and then it stalled completely so Bully could take a break and go to the potty-yes really. But eventually we made it up there and had prepped Elle to smile well.  I was pretty happy with how the picture turned out since we literally got 30 seconds.  Wish Walker had looked at the camera but we were lucky he was even awake!
Hooray for meeting the real live Bully!

Up next Elle wanted to do the jumpies but there were a ton of big kids and she gets really scared so that lasted all of 10 seconds.  So we moved quickly to the face tattoo section to cheer up.  Elle will tell you this was the highlight of her entire experience of Fan Day.  The 20 seconds it took to apply the tattoo.  But the cheerleader was sweet and she loved her tattoo so if that is what made her happy then that is fine with me!
Getting her face tattoo!

On the way out there were cheerleaders and football players standing by the doors and you could take pictures with them.  Elle wanted nothing to do with the players but wanted to get a picture with a cheerleader.
Enamored with cheerleaders right now!

So like I said the event was okay. A little hot and crowded but we still tried to make the best of it.  We decided that the next time we would come back would be when Walker is old enough to be super into Mississippi State football and would want all their autographs.  So until then!

That afternoon and evening we went over to our friends Ava and Craig's house to cook out with some other friends.  Elle swam and swam and Walker was spoiled and fed all kinds of stuff.  Though I would imagine the highlight was when they gave him some homemade ice cream.
Loving the ice cream.  He would grab the spoon from Craig.  It was so funny!

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