Monday, August 3, 2015


Well summer is winding down and we have loved our warm days.  Sprinkler days at preschool have been greatly anticipated and pool days have been long and leisurely. Elle went to a mother's morning out program three mornings a week because she loves it, sees all her friends and it gives me some one on one time with Walker when he is not napping.  Her summer teacher was wonderful and Elle loved her a whole lot.  We are even having her babysit for us tonight! Ell has been counting down the days!

But as August 10th approaches we have been busy preparing for our first days of real big girl school. I will be honest in that the choice to go ahead and send Elle to Pre-K at Starkville Academy was a difficult one.  If I kept her at Methodist  her day would end at 12:30.  With Academy it won't be over until 2:30 and that is just a huge huge deal this Momma heart. Okay I can't even type about it any more because I am going to start crying.  But she has been my best buddy for the last four years so we will both be adjusting for sure.  

She is completely thrilled and cannot wait.  We talk about it every day all day.  I know she is ready and is going to have the best time.  We received our teacher assignments last week and she is with a fantastic teacher that I can't wait for her to meet this week.  She is  going to learn so much. So with the start of the school year looming we have been getting ready.  Ordering all of our gear and new uniforms and soaking up the last days with our friends.  A lot of Elle's friends will be in different places.  Some are going to a smaller Christian school, some are staying at Methodist and some will be at Starkville Academy but in different classes.  
Elle and Abigail.  We took this picture because Sarah (Abigail's mom) texted me saying they looked like there were straight out of the 80s because Abigail dressed herself that morning and I braided Elle's hair to give her curls. These two besties crack me up.

One afternoon we got home from the pool to find Christmas had arrived on our doorstep.  We received our brand new backpack, lunch box and all of our uniforms on the same day.  So naturally a fashion show was in order!

For Elle's backpack I looked at Pottery Barn and Garnet Hill and chose a few patterns that I liked and thought Elle would like and then presented them to her and let her choose.  She chose a different one than I would of chosen for her but it is precious with her name and monogram on it.  Plus she doesn't say "cupcakes." She says "cupcakes." Remind me that she is still my baby kind of.
Trying on her new backpack and lunchbox.  Both about as big as she is.

Then we tried on all of our uniform choices.  She will only be wearing jumpers but I ordered different patterns and cuts. I took a picture of her in all of them but don't want to spoil the first day of school with too many pictures.  
Trying on the whole get up. Uniform with logo and backpack and lunchbox.  I cried when she was trying them on.  
Elle's sweet PDO class enjoying Popsicles on a hot day.

There was one more right of passage that was necessary for Elle to start school.  The dreaded booster shots.  Kenny and I asked who she wanted to go with her to get her shots and she chose me.  I was glad. She was so brave.  She knew she was getting shots and was still really brave.  They made me hold her hands while they gave them to her and she did cry and I felt so horrible but she recovered quickly and I was so proud of her!  Because shots mean you should get a treat afterwards I gave her some options and she chose sno cones.  She got a grape one and I got my favorite Dreamcicle.  She ended up loving mine and eating most of mine and none of hers.  Since then she just gets a dreamsicle for herself.
Waiting on our son cones.
She always wants to take a silly face after I make her take a picture.

All these pictures were taken on Elle's last day of PDO.  But it will also mark her last day as a preschooler at First Methodist too.  I know, cry cry cry.  Funny enough there weren't any of the boys present.  It was just all of Elle's closest girl friends.  So my friends Mary Martha and Kim sent us a bunch of pictures.  

Audrey, little girl I don't know her name- I have never seen her before, Mary Mack, 
Ella, Elle, Abigail and Miriam
Little girl I don't know, Mary Mack, Ella, Kate, Audrey, Austin, Miriam, Abigail, Annie and Elle
Cate and Elle
Making silly faces

This is such a fun time so far but my goodness it is so bittersweet.  My stomach physically hurts just thinking about Elle growing up and leaving preschool.  Funny enough we will go with Walker tomorrow to meet his PDO teacher.  So we aren't done with the preschool all together for a while.  Lord help me when my last child walks out of their on their last day.  Okay.  Can't.  Going to cry.

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