Tuesday, August 11, 2015


It has been a great month with Walker and the days are flying by.  Walker is in a little bit of a fussy stage at this moment because he is frustrated.  He is officially sitting up and is so close to crawling.  He just can't seem to figure out how to get that forward momentum going. He can get on his knees and rock back and forth and sometimes even go backwards. He does manage to get where he wants to go a good bit of the time but he really wants to be mobile.  We will be in so much trouble when he is able to get around.  Even without crawling he is already into everything.  Always grabbing, always exploring.  The biggest mistake you can make with him is give him something thinking he can look at it for just a moment and then take it away. Mad is in understatement.  He throws a huge fit.  Head back and screams.  You have to quickly distract!  

His sleeping is still okay.  The past couple weeks he has been waking up kind of early and I have been trying to avoid giving him a bottle but I am thinking I am going to have to keep giving him that 4 AM bottle so he will go back to sleep a little longer.

He started Mother's Morning Out last week and did really well.  He didn't nap the first day but I am okay with that because hopefully we will take a good afternoon nap.  I would really like to drop the morning nap but I am not sure if we are ready.  

He is still loving his food. Really loving his food.  Some of his favorites include meatballs, tortellinis, french toast sticks, bananas and strawberries!

Alright here are some pics from Walker's last month!
He always seems so happy in his high chair and smiles big for me so I have lots of pictures of him in his car seat!
We are trying to teach him to take his own bottle.  It is not working!
We were sending Daddy a selfie to say hi when he was out of town.
I love this picture of them! He is wants her to back up.  You can just tell.
Visit from Gramma!
Trying trying trying to crawl!
Sweet pic with Gramma!

Daddy! Wake up and play with me!
Morning picnic!

First day of Mother's Morning Out in the Butterfly Class

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