Monday, August 24, 2015


Elle has absolutely been loving school.  Asks me every day when I pick her up if she gets to go back the next day and then we count sleeps over the weekend until Monday. Every morning during carpool we circle around the entire school and always pass by the football field.  Elle has taken special notice of the popcorn machine that sits in the concession stand window because she is her father's child. So on Friday when we pulled into the school they had a Game Day banner up and we started talking about the game.  We called Kenny and he decided that he and Elle would go! We have never attended a high school football game since we moved to Starkville.  Elle excited to go cheer on her Volunteers even though she can't say Volunteers.

Friday afternoon I picked Elle up from school and wanted to take her for a Friday treat since she had a great week at school.  I gave her the choice and she chose sno cones at Frosty Dawgs!
Enjoying some time with my girl.

That evening we went to dinner as a family at Oby's before Kenny and Elle headed across the street for the game. I will say that I was disappointed in myself for not having any school color appropriate clothing.  Kenny did end up buying her a Gameday Tshirt at the game that she will be able to wear instead of her uniform on game days. That was good!

Wearing her spirit ribbon the cheerleaders sell at school every Game Day Friday. She was so proud!

Elle ran into one of her good friends Cate who was so sweet 
to share a pom pom with Elle and she was so grateful.
Daddy Daughter date to her first Starkville Academy football game.  First of many!

So not to sugar coat anything, Elle did not really care too much about the actual football game. I think the atmosphere is a little more low key that her normal Mississippi State games. So she ended up finding some of her friends and running around with them.  Kenny said that a lot of families bring chairs and blankets and sit in the end zone so the kids can run around and that is what we will do the next time we go.  So the remainder of the game was spent playing and pausing to watch the cheerleaders a lot and the dances.
Cate an Elle having fun!

When it was time to come home Elle was not really happy to leave.  She was enjoying herself.  But when she woke up next morning she wanted to talk about it and was completely enamored with the cheerleaders of course! Kim, my friend (Cate's mom) texted me Saturday night to tell me that she had found another little Volunteer cheerleader uniform like the one Cate was wearing the night before and left it on my front porch.  Elle was absolutely thrilled.  Wore it all day Sunday! 
This was right after she woke up with her pool hair from the night before and half a State tattoo on her face all from the day before.  She was so excited to try it on! I have a feeling we will make it to at least one more game just to wear the uniform!

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