Monday, March 28, 2016


We (mostly Elle) spent he week celebrating Easter. I am writing this on Easter Sunday night and feeling guilty because we never got around to dying eggs or even going to an Easter Egg Hunt besides the one Elle did at school.  We were supposed to go to one this afternoon but it got rained out. Never the less we focused on the meaning of the holiday and enjoyed the kids days off from school.
Early in the week an Easter Bunny form the hospital came to visit Elle's class.  

Elle's Easter party in her classroom was originally scheduled for Thursday before they got out for break but it was suppose to rain Thursday morning so they moved it Wednesday morning instead.Walker had PDO that morning so I was happy I was able to work around the rest of my morning and come to be with Elle for her hunt and her party.  They were doing a breakfast so I picked up some donut holes.  Anytime I get there I help the room mom or Mrs. Jeanette the teacher assistant set up the plates for the kids.  Elle's teacher always has them gathered together singing songs which I love to take videos of and they recited the story of Jesus' resurrection by memory.  Then they sat down to eat and me and a couple other moms and me went out to the playground to hide the eggs for their hunt. I say it every single time but I just love being able to come to these parties.  She is always so happy to have me there. I live for it!
Elle giving me the sweetest smile over her cute bunny sandwich.
We take a selfie at every party.
Getting ready for their Easter Egg hunt.
She was excited!
Waiting on the ready set go!
Our best attempt at a group picture.  I love this little class. Pre-K are still such babies
 even though they have grown up so much over the year.
Mrs Suzanne gave them all bubbles and Elle was having so much fun blowing them outside on this pretty morning!

When I got ready to leave the school for a hair appointment Elle was telling me that she didn't feel well and that her stomach hurt. I shrugged it off as her wanting me to take her with me and come home but I had a hair appointment I had been looking forward to for weeks so I told her teacher to call me if she continued to feel bad and then I left. While I was at my hair appointment I kind of decided on a whim to get three to four inches cut off my hair. I am really happy with it!

After my haircut I picked Walker up from preschool and they had his little school picture proofs.  I think they are cute but probably won't order any. 

I was rushing home to get Walker down for a nap. Keeping him up in the car is always hard and Mrs. Suzanne texted me saying that Elle threw up.  That she made it to the trash can which I am sure she was happy about. So I turned around and went to get her right away with my mom guilt at an all time high. As soon as I picked her up I could tell she didn't feel well.  When we got home she threw up a couple more times but then made it through the night uneventfully.  I feel pretty confident that she ate too much junk that morning and did not have a bug in her stomach as she would say.
I had some liquid zofran which I think helped her feel better quickly. She was still pretty pitiful. 

Even though Elle made a full recovery by the next morning I still had to keep her out of school.  So we just spent the day at home playing. I had a doctors appointment in Columbus for my foot.  I decided to go see a new orthopedic who is a foot specialist.  He sent me for a MRI that same afternoon and I got back Monday to see what he says. On Good Friday both of the kids were out of school. I had an appointment to get some minor repairs made on my car so I bravely took both of them with me.  Somehow we managed to make it out of the dealership after two and a half hours without a major meltdown.  The kids did really well!

Elle playing dress up in her own closet.  She was cracking me up.
As soon as we got to the dealership the kids honed in on the complimentary honey buns.  Of course I obliged since I dragged them there.  Walker was loving it.  He was pretty cute with that treat!

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