Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Last week was Elle's Spring Break and Walker was also out for PDO.  So we decided to go down to Fairhope for a few days to see Gramma and PopPop.  We love going down to Fairhope because it truly is such a fabulous place to visit and Gramma just eats up every minute with the kids which allows Kenny and I to spend some alone time together.  It is the ultimate win win for everyone!

We drove down on Tuesday and got there early afternoon.  We were excited to get down there because Kenny's mom offered us tickets to go see Elton John in Mobile.  I have wanted to see him for a while and Kenny was excited too.

When we got there I had to get in the shower but I had the most relaxing time getting ready because Elle immediately had Gramma and Walker engaged with a full on tea party.  They were so cute!
Look at this sweet tea party.
Walker was also having the best time digging through Kenny's toy chest from 
when he was a little boy so I had to get a picture!

Kenny and I left late afternoon to have a dinner at a near by seafood restaurant and then head over the bridge to the venue and get to our seats. Mrs. Ann told us the seats were good but they were actually amazing.  Elton was about 15-20 feet away from us. He put on a great show.  Sat down at his piano and played all his hits.  I just love piano playing so I was so happy to check him off my bucket list.  Now I have to see Billy Joel.  It was such a fun date night. Elton was great and the people watching was just as good.  The venue was not too dark and they would light it up a lot so you could keep an eye on all the people and the fun they were having.  
Elton jamming on the piano.
Selfie with Kenny.  Love any night I get to hang with him.
Pretty lights! Great music.

The next morning the kids hung at home with Gramma and Kenny set a tee for 9 holes of golf at Rock Creek.  He wanted me to ride with him so we could just spend a quiet morning together.  It was really nice.  It went by really quick but it was a beautiful morning and it was fun watching Kenny.  The course was pretty and I got to drive the cart!  After golf we grabbed a quick lunch at our favorite sushi restaurant downtown Fairhope and went home to hang with the kids.

When we got home Elle and Gramma were making our favorite chocolate cake.  She makes it every time we come and Elle always help because she knows we love it too.
Once the cake was in the oven, Elle got a little messy during clean up.
Walker was napping when we got home.  I have so many pictures of him sleeping but this is one of my all time fave.  There are so many things I love about it.  I can't stop looking at it!

Once Walker woke up Gramma, Kenny and me took Walker and Elle to the park.  They have a fantastic park downtown.  
Elle on this fun swing.
Walker proved that he still isn't a huge fan of being outside and the heat.  I sure hope this changes once he is walking.  We tried him on a few things at the park but he wasn't into it so we took him for a walk in the stroller before meeting Gramma and Elle for ice cream. We picked up some pizza for dinner that night and watched a movie after putting the kids to bed early.  They were tired!

The next morning Kenny drove over to the MS Gulf Coast to do some work and I played with Walker at home.  Gramma took Elle over to Spanish Fort to have their nails done.  Then they got some lunch and went to see Zootopia.  Elle has her nails done way more than I do lately!
Getting her manicure!
I gave Walker a quick bath before they got home! 
 He doesn't look as happy about being sneaky clean as I was!
Before we left to get back to Starkville, Gramma wanted a picture with the kids.  She was all dolled up and ready to work at the boutique she works at for the 
big arts festival they were having downtown.

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