Wednesday, March 23, 2016


We got home from Fairhope on Friday.  The children were in great need of baths so we both gave them a dunk.  Afterwards they were playing so sweetly and giving each other kisses and that makes my momma heart happy.  I hope they are always close and love each other forever and ever.
He gives her the most hugs out of anyone.

On Saturday Kenny had a big day of golf scheduled.  Sarah invited Elle over for a playdate and I took Walker grocery shopping with me.  Saturday night we met up with Jay and Margaret at a new restaurant in Starkville called Bulldog Burger for a quick dinner and came home and got into bed relatively early!
Sarah sent me this picture.  My good friend's daughter is on the left, a neighbor friend and Anna Claire and then the little girls on the right! They were having fun!

Sunday morning we got up and did some things around the house because we were expecting company! My Uncle Mike was coming to visit us from Atlanta.  This was his first time to our home, to come to Starkville and to meet Walker.  My sister was also going to stop in and spend the night on her way home from a wedding.  Kenny and Elle went over to the driving range but ended up coming home because it was so cold and windy!

Annie and Uncle Mike all got to our home around lunch and I picked up City Bagel and we all ate together at home.  Eating at home is always so much more relaxing with the kids. After lunch we took Mike on a tour of Starkville and Mississippi State.  We wanted to show him the town and school we love so much! He was very impressed and could understand why we adore our little southern spot! When we got home we hung out and watched MSU play Vanderbilt (my uncle's Alma Mater) and then some March Madness basketball.  I made a pot roast for dinner and we enjoyed a low key dinner around our table again! It was nice for them to spend time with the kids and to just visit.  Walker and Elle adore their Nannee and Uncle Mike!
Elle and Nannee sharing a snack and Walker looking on or begging.
Uncle Mike with his Grand Niece and Nephew
Some boy bonding time. Walker liked him!
Playing peekaboo.

Look at the smile!
Annie has been on a big puzzle kick lately and Elle really enjoys them too.  
So they got to work on one together!

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