Friday, March 11, 2016


Well we are caught up into enough of March that I can recap LAST weekend!   Friday night Kenny got home from work and we had a little date night in after the kids were in bed.  We love doing this.  I made a meat and cheese tray and we opened a good bottle of wine and watched a movie.  We watched The Martian with Matt Damon and both loved it!

On Saturday morning I made breakfast and then Kenny went up to the golf course for a little while and me and the kids hung out at home and played. Elle pulled play dough which I kind of despise but it kept her entertained for a long time on this morning so it was worth it.  

Around lunch we had Walker's babysitter Zo come so he could go down for a nap and we took Elle to lunch at City Bagel and then to the last men's basketball game of the season.
Walker has discovered that we store the crowns under the guest room bed downstairs and he is constantly crawling under there to play with them.  We longer keep them there but it cracks me up anytime I see his little feet hanging out from underneath the bed.
Walker's feet and Elle peaking around the corner.  Both in their pajamas. 
These Saturday mornings can be crazy but lots of fun!
Walker enjoyed his family breakfast.
Elle heavily involved with the play dough.
Elle enjoying one of our favorite restaurants.  We get her a spinach cheddar bagel and then have them crumble bacon and cheddar cheese on it and toast it until its all melty.  She loves it.
Daddy daughter pic!
Elle loves making silly faces.  
Mommy daughter!
Getting carried out the car by her Daddy after the game was over.

The game was lots of fun and we won!  When we got home we just relaxed and had an easy going dinner of a homemade barbecue pizza I made.

Sunday morning we went to church as a family and then out for some mexican food for lunch.  Lunch is actually a meal that we can go out to a restaurant for because Walker can last.  Dinner he is jus too cranky by afternoon evening and it is not worth it.  We do laugh though because you have to be so careful of where things are on the table because he reaches and grabs anything he can get his hands on.  So our table is usually very crowded and hectic.

Walker enjoying some quesadilla and rice.
Taking a picture to demonstrate how ridiculous our table is!

When we got home I enlisted Elle in helping me make a big pot of chili.  I was taking some of it to Kelly since she had her new baby girl about a week ago.  Elle was excited because she got to wear one of my aprons.She looked pretty cute!
My little chef stirring our chili makings.
I love cooking with Elle.  I look forward to when I have 
more time to do it and she can do even more with me!

Around the time that we were making the chili I realized that the dishwasher was broken.  It was full of dirty dishes.  So we had to put them all in the sink to soak and then be washed and dried.  It was a big pain and we finally got the dishwasher repaired on Wednesday.  Thank goodness!
Kenny got to do this chore! He says it took him two hours!

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