Monday, March 21, 2016


We had another fun weekend last weekend.  We stayed busy but spent lots of time together as a family which is always the best.  Here are some pictures from the week and the weekend!
Thursday I took Walker to the grocery store and of course we had to get a balloon because they are one of his favorite things.   They make him so happy.  Look how happy he is!  I was so sad for him when it blew away.  He just kept saying uh oh.
At Elle's dance class we were given their dance recital costumes.  They tried them on and I got a picture of that too but don't want to ruin the surprise so this will have to do for a sneak peak. They are a bright pink.  And their tiaras are so cute!
Benjamin Bunny is still doing well.  Welt him out to run around the house almost every night and he has started to feel more relaxed.  After he hops and runs around he will relax and just hang out.
Had to throw this picture of Walker in. This is one of his favorite things to do lately.  He puts his hands in any pair of shoes he can find and then crawls around with the shoes on his hands. 
 It is so funny!

Elle had a playdate on Friday morning because they got out early for Spring Break.  Her two close twin friends Audrey and Ella.  They had a great time and make me so happy because anytime they are all together they just giggle the whole time.
Getting some coloring in.
No playdate is complete without playing dress up.  Look at these sweet girls!

On Saturday it just happened to be Audrey and Ella's birthday celebration.  They had a unicorn themed birthday party at Hollie's Sweet tooth.  That is the same place Elle had her birthday party.  They also had the same lady come and do face paint which was a huge hit again!
Elle chose to have a unicorn on her face to match the party's theme!
Selfie with mommy!
Walker sporting Elle's beloved cowboy boots.

On Sunday we were so excited the sun was out because it had been raining for a few days.  So we headed outside to enjoy the weather and went to see our Bulldogs play some baseball!
Walker enjoyed the game again! He really does great at the games! 
The girls! Elle was still sporting her face paint of course!

After the baseball game we came home and Elle and Kenny went to hit some balls on the golf course and we all enjoyed family dinner that night.  It was another great weekend!

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