Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Saturday was another beautiful day for a baseball game and we were playing the Georgia Bulldogs.  We spent the morning playing at home and then put Walker down for an early nap before going to the ball field. My friend Maggie dropped off some new comfy outfits for Walker to wear to the games so he was excited to sport one of his new duds to the game.
Walker's new Bulldog spirited outfits!
Walker hanging with Daddy and his snack.  He is always so content!
Elle gets in on the action.

There is a man who comes around at the games with this big soft cooler full of candy.  Everyone knows him.  We all chose some suckers to enjoy. We even got one for Walker.  This was his first time to have a sucker and he loved it.  Got ever last bit of it and I am sure people three rows back could hear him sucking on it.  
The girls with our suckers.
Walker working on his with Daddy.  We decided we may have to start 
keeping suckers as emergency back up.
Elle managed to find another sucker.  She loves when something turns her mouth blue.

After the ball game we ran by the grocery store to get some things for a cookout we were having out at a lake just outside of town with some friends. Our friends Jay and Margaret were cooking hotdogs and hamburgers and we brought chips and stuff to make amores. We ended up getting a babysitter for Walker so he could sleep well and be with us for Easter Sunday and not be super cranky. The kids had the most fun running around in the woods and the adults just relaxed.  It was a great night!
Elle was the oldest and we "put her in charge" of making sure the little kids were staying safe.  
She took her job very seriously!
After we all ate dinner-the kids were starving.  It was time to roast marshmallows.  Elle would roast a whole bag of marshmallows if she could but people can only eat so many.  We bought those huge marshmallows they have and never even opened the normal sized ones.  Those are even more filling but so good!
The Daddy's were manning the fire.  Look at these dads with their girls!
Look at this sweet girl with her more!

We didn't stay out too late because we had to get Elle to sleep so the Easter Bunny could come and she was well rested for church the next morning.  

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