Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I am a little behind on my posts but Elle is away at Gramma Camp so I am going to do a quick post on a super fun weekend we had a couple weekends ago! Mississippi State's baseball season was wrapping up so we invited our good friends the Bairds to Starkville for the weekend so Will could go to his first game at Dudy Noble field.  Plus Elle and Lizzie are sweet friends who always completely wear themselves out playing when she comes. We officially decided on this weekend that the Bairds always bring the absolute best weather, the most competitive game and all the fun.  This weekend was no exception.  The weather was so beautiful.  Nice and cool and sunny! And the game was a big one.  We won and clenched the SEC Championship and it was an exciting game with lots of action! Here are pictures from the weekend!

Saturday morning before the Bairds got in to town, Elle and I went to her sweet friend Mary Kenway's birthday party. It was a cute party at the country club where they wore their PJs, served breakfast and played bingo.  They had the bingo ball machine that the Country Club uses on Bingo nights and it was a lot of fun.  Sometimes it is nice to have a different themed party!

Elle and the birthday girl Mary Kenway.
Elle and me gearing up for some bingo!
Elle holding up her 3 away fingers.
One of the dads calling out the numbers.
Birthday cake time!

The Bairds arrived shortly after we got home from the party and we were all ready for some lunch! We headed over to Oby's because that is their absolute favorite place to eat in Starkville.  Kenny and I do not go there all that often but it is delicious!
The crew dressed for the game and waiting to order at Obys!
In the car on the way to the game!
Headed into the game.  Mollie french braided their hair and they were excited to match!
They hit us up for sno cones as soon as we got inside the stadium.
Proud of their blue tongues!
It was such a beautiful day for baseball and the game was packed!
We ran into Lacey, our favorite Diamond girl!

Sunday morning the kids woke up early because they always do. I fed Walker and we all sat around and drank our coffee.  We all eventually managed to get up and around and went to breakfast at City Bagel and then drove out to Old Waverly to swim before they headed back to Memphis.  It was a lot of fun and the kids were wiped by Sunday night!
The girls giving Walker some love while he ate his breakfast.  He always loves the attention.
We undid the girls braids so they could have curls!
When we went out to the cars to leave, Mollie had a flat tire!  We eventually got it changed.

The kids coloring and waiting on the food at City Bagel!
Swimming before getting on the road!
Walker had fun at the pool.  He is gradually getting use to pools.  Still not his favorite thing.

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