Friday, May 13, 2016


We finally got it done! Elle's room (except for the playroom) was the last big project that we needed to do to kind of finish the decor of the house.  Her room is pretty big and with the moves over the last few years it had just become a modge podge of the nursery and the room she had at the condo! It was pitiful.  Most of all she needed a bigger bed.  It was difficult to snuggle up with her every night and try to read books in her twin bed.

Here are a few before pictures!
Wall that the bed faces.

Book shelves that we have had since before kids.  They originally were 
in our office in our Memphis home.
This was after we had the wallpaper for the "new room" put up.  
But you can see her old bed and everything else!
We had Elle's new bed and mattress delivered from a furniture store here in Starkville.  They are both Ashley of course! Elle was super excited about her new comfy mattress and how big it was!
The new bed in the old room!

So my miracle worker, Kim and her assistant Megan came in town on Wednesday and worked their magic once again! I could not be more pleased with the results and I feel confident that this room will last Elle for many years to come. Elle was absolutely thrilled with it and I have the sweetest video of her seeing it all after she gets home from school.  She was so observant to all the new and improved things and was so grateful! We moved the desk and sofa we had on our landing upstairs into her room and I am so glad that we were able to repurpose those items. So here are some after pics that Kim took and sent me!

 Kim found the perfect piece of furniture and the perfect spot for Elle's dollhouse!
 So happy to have a decent place to put all those stuffed animals!

 Adore these lamps!

Love seeing it from the window!
I think she likes the desk in her room the most! She feels like such a big girl!
Cute and comfy bedding!
Cozy at night.
We were all snuggled up on her first night!
Love looking at all her special things on this wall.  
I will be ordering pictures to put in the frames soon!

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