Wednesday, May 11, 2016


So I mentioned yesterday that we had our our big JA Charity Event was on Saturday and it gives me so many cute pictures that I decided to post all the pictures from that separately!  Saturday afternoon I put Walker down for a nap and hopped in the shower and then had the babysitter come a little early so I can spend some time primping.  This is a fun event to primp for and that can be hard to do with lots of kids in the bathroom! Eek!

After I was done getting ready Margaret came over and then we went to pick up our friends Sarah and Natalie and Jeremy.  We were all working the early shifts so we had to be there before the party started.  Jeremy was working the bourbon room so he rode out with us too.  Kenny and Jay arrived to the party later!  The party is out at a barn about 20 minutes out of town or so!
Selfies in the car! Sarah and me!
Natalie, Sarah and me!

I signed up to work the wine bar right at the front door so I could still be out and about to talk to everyone.  Margaret signed up to work the same station.  Since we got there early we took pictures to pass the time!
Missy and me!
Me, Missy, Margaret, Sarah and Lorin! Some of my closest friends!

Margaret, Foley and me.  The Napa crew!

It ended up being perfect timing because I got done with my shift and Kenny arrived right at the same minute.  I was so happy to have him there and he was looking so handsome.  He doesn't have a whole lot of opportunities to wear bow ties and I love it when he does.  We bet on the horse raffle and then watched some of the race preparations before the race started! Then went inside to check out what we wanted to bid on for the silent auction!
All dressed up for the derby! 

Had to get a picture with our friends Courtney and Casey! We were loving his jacket!
Margaret, Sarah and I hanging out in front of our wine table!
Sarah and me! She is wearing my hat from last year 
and the pink version of the actual hat I wore this year!
An outtake!
After the race was over we found a table out back where the band was to hang for a little bit and eat some dinner. 
The strawberry shortcake skewered were big hits!
After Kenny and I ate I had to go work one extra shift at the wine bar that I so very nicely signed up for!  While we were in there Kenny got a little competitive over a couple things that we were eying at the silent auction!

Here I am with some of my winnings.  I/Kenny won a bouquet of the month club from a local florist, some honey from Greenwood (came with the flowers) and a Soniccare Toothbrush!  Kenny was so sweet and excited about it all.
The Cooks and the Laceys!
Had to get a picture with the boys, their bright pants and bow ties!

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