Wednesday, May 4, 2016


So after a fun night of dress rehearsal it was the big day of the real recital!  As I mentioned yesterday, Kenny's parents came in to town Friday and my mom arrived early Saturday morning.  We spent the morning just relaxing at home in our pajamas essentially!
Elle still rocking her bun and some leftover makeup and poor Walker trying 
to get a peek at whatever she was watching on the iPad.

After some lunch it was time for hair and make up again! Elle loves having her hair and makeup done for recital! We had a sitter come for Walker.  Sadly, he still is not old enough to sit through the performance.  Once we were all ready we headed to the recital.  It was absolutely nuts! So many little girls and all their family members and everyone was holding huge bouquets of flowers.  It was a crazy scene! We dropped Elle off backstage and then went to sit down!
Elle and CeCe before heading backstage.
My ballerina.

The recital was wonderful and we enjoyed it so much.  Elle did another great job and we were so happy for her and another great year of ballet.  We were excited to give Elle her roses and she was liked them and was also thrilled she got to keep her stuffed tiger prop now that the recital was over.  They had been practicing every week with them in plastic bags so this was a big pay off.  We lingered outside for a while to get lots of pictures with family and friends who were in the recital.  One of my and Elle's close friends came to watch the recital too.  She originally was in their class but had dropped out midway.  Supposedly the recital has renewed her interest.  We will see!
Elle with her friend Annie.
Elle and Gramma and Pop Pop.
One of my favorite group of girls: Audrey, Abigail, Annie, Elle and Ella.
Elle and Abigail.
Audrey, Elle, Ella and Jane. They were all doves.
Family picture minus our Walker!

After the recital we headed out for some dinner.  We took Elle to hibachi which is what we did last year also.  While not the fanciest of dinners, we like to take her there because it is fun for her.  She loves the theatrics of it and to try to catch the rice in her mouth.  And sometimes when you are five going out to eat just isn't that fun so we try to choose something she will like since it is to celebrate her! After stuffing ourselves we got home early and pretty much changed in to our pajamas and may of all gone to bed early too!
Pop and Elle working on a floor puzzle together.
Bedtime stories!

On Sunday we took my mom and Kenny's parents to brunch to celebrate their birthday and Mother's Day.  It was delicious and a great way to end a big weekend!

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