Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Last week was an exciting and busy week not to mention Mother's Day and my Junior Auxiliary's biggest fundraiser for the Kentucky Derby.  So I thought I would do a little bit of a this and that post along a Mother's Day recap and then a Derby post separately! On Thursday I was so excited to go see the doctor and get my cast off! I was so over the cast and I was also happy to get it off just in time for the party on Saturday.
Saying goodbye to this annoying thing!

I was so happy to see my foot and be able to move my ankle around a little bit.  I was discouraged to see that I still was not completely healed and also have very little strength in my calf muscle which makes it really hard to walk.  Incision picture next....
My poor foot.  Still a little worse for wear.

The doctor came and check me out and rewrapped my foot and they got me all fitted in a new boot.  After I left I went straight to get a pedicure.  I was not able to get my bad foot wet but still got them to make my toes pretty!
Sporting my new boot!

I spent the day on Friday getting a haircut and a spray tan (all in preparation for Saturday's party) and then we took the kids for a treat after we picked Elle up for school. We took them for Holli's Sweet Tooth for some ice cream.  Kenny and I both got milkshakes and Walker seriously loves a milkshake. He was making the funniest faces when we were sharing with him!
Elle and I were having fun with some props they have there.  Such a cute candy shop!
We all got in on the action.
Look at that sweet face! Loving his milkshake.
Twinning with their smiles.

Elle came home with the sweetest binder from her teacher. It was a scrapbook of sorts from her entire year of Pre-K.  It had some questionnaires and self portraits and then it also had a ton of pictures that Mrs. Suzanne had in her room on her bulletin boards.  I was so incredibly grateful for them! Any parent wants to be a fly on the wall when their child was at school so it was so cute to have these pictures of their daily fun!
Front of the binder.
Some of the different pages.

Friday night we all loaded up on the cart to go have dinner at the Country Club. We were taking a risk by taking Walker out past his bedtime but it ended up being a really easy going night and lots of fun!
Family selfie on the cart.
Pictures with Daddy on the way home.  Holding the steering wheel thinking he's a big boy.

On Saturday, Kenny played a round of gold with some friends and the kids ad I spent the morning at home.  I made breakfast and we played outside.  Once Kenny got home we showered and got ready for the party.
Benjamin got to hop around out back while we played and got some loving from Elle.

Sunday morning Elle woke me up with lots of goodies she had made for me at school and Kenny gave me a spa package at our spa that I can't wait to use along with some things that we won at the silent auction the night before.  Somehow despite a late night the night before we managed to make it to early church and then went to Sunday lunch at the country club.  Then because it was Mother's Day we came home and put Walker down for a nap and I put myself down for a nap which was heavenly! We spent the afternoon relaxing and then Kenny and I ordered sushi and watched a movie together that night.  It was such a wonderful Mother's Day and I was so grateful for my sweet children and husband!
Headed out on the cart for some Sunday lunch!
My sweet baby boy!
Getting some eating done!

The best picture we could muster after lunch.  Everyone was looking at the camera at least1
That afternoon both of them wanted in my lap! A Happy Mother's Day indeed!

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