Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I feel like I have been talking about the final days of schools for weeks.  But they kept us very busy and we had lots of fun.  The last week of school Elle had four half days.  But the Saturday before  we went to one of the little boys in Elle's grade birthday parties.  He lives just around the corner from us and they had a big blow up water slide.  It was a cooler morning so Elle didn't love it but still had a good time seeing her friends!
Mary Kenway and Elle.
Cake time!
Piper, Mary Kenway and Elle
Walker went with us to the party and was pooped after we got home.
Kenny took Elle to a movie and dinner that Saturday night and Walker and I hung at home. I was getting ready for bed and he had some naked time! I love that baby bottom!

Sunday was playing a second round of golf in a golf tournament so we played 
at home all morning. Elle played dress up and Walker got into all the girly toys!
Walker trying to sit in a doll chair.

So I felt so sentimental during our last days of school. So of course lots of pictures!
Sweet girl headed to school on one of her last mornings.  
So excited about her summer bucket that each kid contributed something to the bucket.  There was lots of fun stuff in there that she is still pulling out.
Going through all her loot.

Wednesday after school we went to a birthday party for two little boys-one who is in Elle's class and is one of her favorites! It was at the country club and they had a jumpy.  It was a lot of fun and lots of her little friends were there.
Piper, Cate, Miriam and Elle
Sporting their Star Wars masks in support of the theme.

THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! I made sure I dragged her outside before we left to get some pictures to compare before and after.  
Here she is at the end of her Pre-K year! Her face changed a lot to me.   
All baby traces are gone.  Can't even deal.
And here she is at the beginning of her Pre-K year.  
Daddy got in on the action!I love love this picture of them!
She wanted to do bunny ears!
Walker hanging out waiting to go pick sister up.
Chik Fil A for lunch to celebrate summer starting!

Kenny took Elle to a baseball game Thursday night and 
they had the best time.  She wore these classes a lot of the time.

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