Thursday, November 3, 2016


The week before Halloween we went to sorority row for Trick or Treat on the Row.  This is one of our favorite events to do for Halloween and we do it every year with all of our friends.  This was the first opportunity for the kids to wear their new costumes.  Elle chose to be Princess Elena of Avalor.  She is Disney's newest princess and we chose a Curious George costume for Walker since George is his favorite!
Elle all ready to go trick or treating for the first time!
Walker looking adorable in his George costume.  Sadly this was literally the only second he wore the head portion so the rest of the time he was just in the brown body suit.  Which when I pulled it out the feet were so sown on backwards.  So this costume was a pretty big fail.  
But he sure does look cute in this picture.
Our Trick or Treating crew that we go with every year! Smithermans, Sorgenfrei's, Walters and us.
Some of the girls before we set off to collect candy.
Ella and Elle. Both versions of Princess Elena.
Getting some candy from the sorority girls!.
Walker caught on to the idea of getting candy in his bucket quickly.  Then he wanted to eat it all.
Daddy and Walker strolling along.
Threw his hat on him for a quick picture and then he pulled it right back off again.

Selfie with Mommy.
We always make sure to take a picture in front of the Chi O house since I was a Chi O.

Getting more candy!

Group shot along the way.
Walker moved to the stroller so he could eat his candy.
Lacey met us at the Delta Gamma house and we hung out for a few minutes with her.

This was our only family shot.  We were trying to get all together but Walker had 
had it and Elle was refusing to get in the picture.  So this was it.  Real life.
My precious little monkey.
Watch the big girls go through their candy loot.

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