Wednesday, November 9, 2016


This past weekend was a BIG weekend! We had a lot planned but then our beloved Bulldogs ended up showing up for the game and beat Texas A&M! They were ranked #4 so this was an unexpected win for us! We were excited because this weekend was the big reunion weekend where all of our friends from college come into town for one game and we all tailgate together! Elle was counting down the days because Francis was coming to stay!  They did not get into town until late Friday night and we were all fast asleep.  So they were up bright and early Saturday morning which was okay because it was an 11 o clock game!
Francis and Elle hanging out on the couch watching a cartoon!

We did not plan to tailgate at all really before the game.  We also did not plan to win the game.  So when we got to the tailgate Jennifer invited Elle to come sit with her and Mary Kenway in the scoreboard club so they could play and entertain each other.  We gave Elle the choice of going with them or us and she of course chose going with her friend.  So she went into the stadium.  Margaret planned to not go in so Kenny and I contemplated not going in either and just hanging out at the tailgate.  But then some of our friends came by and one of them also had an extra ticket they offer to Kenny in the scoreboard club.  So he took him up and into the stadium he went! It turned out alright because he got to sit next to Elle and Jen and BJ and the game was a lot of fun! I decided to hang out with Margaret at the tailgate and it was fun listening to the crowd and trying to figure out what was going on in the stadium! We also could see the scoreboard and the tailgate next to us had a tv for really big stuff!
Elle and Mary Kenway and also a beautiful pitcher that had a yummy punch BJ had mixed up!
Elle and Mary Kenway in the scoreboard club!
Daddy found Elle!
Headed out of the game after the big win!

Once the game was over my reunion friends set their tailgate up next to us so that was lots of fun and very convenient! Late afternoon the kids started to wear out so we headed back to our house where Kenny and Patrick fried fish and Rachael brought over pizza for the kids.  We had a ton of kids and people in the house.  It was a little crazy!
Megan loving on Rachael's sweet baby!
Smithermans, Laceys and the Cooks!
All the boys of the tailgate minus Robby sporting their black for the blackout.
The group shot! Minus Tiffany's two little boys who stayed with her parents.  
As we took this picture poor Francis got very sick and threw up everywhere.
Megan and Mae and Tracy.
Walker had so much fun with all the kids but was a little overwhelmed.  
Mack was trying to give him a birthday present here and he wasn't sure what to think.
Breaking out the glow sticks!

The fish fry party was lots of fun and didn't even last too late into the night since kids were involved.  Sunday morning we all ordered City Bagel (the Shearing stayed with us too) and ate and let the kids play some more before it was time for everyone to head back home! 

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