Friday, November 4, 2016


Friday morning Elle's Kindergarten class hosted all the dads for breakfast for Donuts for Dad.  Elle had been counting down the days and could not wait for Kenny to come to her school. She told me that she had made some things for him and that it was a surprise. Kenny was excited to go to.
Kenny and Ell at Donuts for Dad.

These were the things that Elle had worked on for Kenny and they meant so much him.  
We may of shed a tear together.

On Saturday morning the game wasn't until 2:30 so we had some down time in the morning.  We made some breakfast and watched a movie together before we started to get ready.
Snuggling on the couch watching a movie.

This weeks game was Homecoming and since we aren't having the best of seasons there was a light crowd.  We were also missing most of our tailgate crew for various reasons. It was a beautiful day though! And we had our friends Missy and Jack and their two girls who are great friends of Elle come to the tailgate.  We all went into the game at halftime to see the Homecoming court and watched the third quarter of the game which we won and then came back out to tailgate a little longer before we went home to grill steaks on Kenny's new grill and watch the Ole Miss game.  It was a fun day!
Liza and her family stopped by and hung at the tailgate too.
Ella, Elle and Audrey
Margaret, Me and Missy with Holden in the background.
Heading in to the game and the girls were playing with Kenny.
At the game!
We ended up sitting with Jack and Missy in their seats two sections over from where we sit because Jack's parents weren't at the game.  It was fun!
The girls looking at the Famous Maroon Band playing.

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