Monday, November 28, 2016


Holidays have gotten me a little behind but here we go again on the catch up wagon! A couple of Fridays ago, Elle was so incredibly excited because it was her turn to take her class pet home for the weekend.  She was extra pumped because her weekend fell on Thanksgiving so we were getting to keep him with us for an entire week.  This is major in Kindergarten world! The class pet is a Clifford dog.  He comes with his own backpack with a couple of outfit changes, some books and a journal that you document your time with him before he goes back to school. 
Getting in the car after school.  Look how happy and excited she was.

Reading Clifford's books to him.

Friday evening Megan and the boys got into town for our football game on Saturday against Arkansas.  Elle was excited to have her friends here to play with and to go to the tailgate with us.  They were also happy to be introduced to Clifford. 
Enjoying some breakfast with Clifford.

The game was a night game so we headed out to the tailgate early afternoon.  It was our first game where it was really chilly. But the sun was out and Elle's friends Mary Kenway and Ann Carlton were all at the tailgate too.  We hit up the bouncey houses and played before going in the game to freeze! The Bulldogs didn't show up to play and we lost.  We left in the third quarter so we could get Elle to bed and warm up!
Elle and Clifford with Mary Kenway who is also in Elle's class at school.
The girls of the tailgate-missing Foley!
Getting some love from my girl and Clifford.

Freezing at the tailgate with Mrs. Margaret.
Clifford and Elle trying to keep warm at the game.
Danny B stayed with us that weekend too. He and Kenny were 
feeling okay due to a drink keeping them warm.
Clifford was popular.
Mrs. Margaret carried a very tired Elle out of the game.

Sunday afternoon we had a birthday party for Elle's friend and our neighbor James. We got a gift card for him but Elle and Clifford made a card to put it in. The party was at ACPA and Elle had lots of fun!
Coloring and making a birthday card for James.
Cate and Elle
Going down the slide with friends and Clifford.

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