Thursday, November 17, 2016


We have had a fun couple of weeks so time for a this and that post! Last week Elle's school had Veteran's Day program.  They sang a song with the Pre-K kids and the other Kindergarten classes.  The program was on a Thursday morning and that is the day I am home with Walker so I was not able to go but Kenny was able to go see her sing and then head out for work.
Pledge of allegiance at Veterans Day program.

Towards the end of the week, Elle started to complain of an earache.  So I knew a doctors visit was inevitable.  We went to the Nurse Practitioner first thing Saturday morning where they said she had a double ear infection and then straight to BJs to pick up her antibiotic where she was very excited to get some Dip n Dots out of the case at 8:30 in the morning.

Happy with her dip and dots!

When we got home from the pharmacy Kenny took the kids out on the course to play and then I met them for lunch up at the club where we watched some of the MSU/Alabama game.  We got killed like we expected.  Around that time Elle's friend Abigail invited her over to play and she spent the rest of the afternoon with them having the best time.  They ended up taking her to see the Trolls movie too. 

While Elle was doing that I took Walker over to Foley's house for his sweet friend Grace's 2 year old birthday.  This is our little friend that is only a couple days younger than Walker.  It was a small party and Walker enjoyed all the sweets they had at the party.
Sharing a pumpkin cookie with Grace.

Pretty cake!

Cake and ice cream.
The closet picture I think I got where they are both at least looking at me.
Foley and Robby just moved into their new house a couple weeks ago.  
So they are working on getting it finished.
Enjoying drink in their pretty dining room.

Later that night Foley and Robby invited us and the Cooks over to order pizza and drink wine.  We did enjoy a lot of wine and it was a really fun night.  We made sure to send our favorite driver, Pat from Napa a few pictures to say hi from all of us.

Cheers from the Napa group!

The other night a few of my friends and I got together so that we could have a drink together and sing along to Hamilton.  We have been on a group text where we pretty much talk about Hamilton only for the last month or so.  After the PBS special came on, we decided that we wanted to have a Karaoke night.  So we had some snacks and wine and pretty much sang every song from Hamilton while we held Frozen microphones! One of the most fun nights I have had in a while!
Cupcakes with the cutest toppers.
Hamilton themed snacks and three pints of Sam Adams. Theatre nerd jokes.
Had to try for a group shot/selfie.
All of us with our microphones.

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