Monday, November 28, 2016


It was finally Thanksgiving! Hooray! We got up and got dressed and I made some breakfast just in time for us to watch the parade! The parade is one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving.  I tried to get Elle amped up to watch it.  And she was into it for about 20 minutes and then she and Walker went upstairs to play with Gramma and PopPop in the playroom.  My mom got here shortly after the parade started so we all watched it together while the kids had fun playing.
Elle snuggling with Nonnee and watching the parade for a few minutes.  
Of course Clifford was there!
Walker was hanging with me while we watched!
Into a parade balloon for a moment.

After the parade the kids and Kenny's parents came downstairs and we all hung out and watched Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors while PopPop put together a toy for Walker from last Christmas. It took a little while but the kids love the toy so it was worth it!
Group effort putting all the pieces together.
We attempted to get a few family pictures.  Walker had just woken up from nap.
For once I was pumped for some Thanksgiving day football! Because the Cowboys were playing and we were going to cheer on our beloved Dak! Kenny had just ordered the family some Dak gear and Elle was pumped to wear her new jersey.  So she had on Dak's Cowboys jersey and Clifford wore Dak's State jersey.  The game was great and the Cowboys are 10-1! Woohoo!
Nonee, Clifford and Elle all ready for the Cowboys game!
Into the game!

Later that evening it was finally time to feast! Dinner was great as always and we made a big to do of having Clifford with us and gave him his own plate.  We all went around and said what we were thankful for and the answer from everyone was having the family together.

Mom getting the turkey together and Lena was hopeful.
Waiting on the food to be ready!
Clifford couldn't wait to dig in!

Walker enjoyed a Thanksgiving cookie from Jody's for dessert and the grown ups had pie.
Tired from the feast and almost time for bed!

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