Friday, November 11, 2016


My sweet baby boy turned two on Wednesday.  I wasn't all that sad about it on his actual birthday but last night I fell down the rabbit hole of watching old videos of when he was smaller and of course Elle was smaller too and now I have a little case of the sads.  His preschool called me Monday morning to come get him from PDO because he was running a 102 fever.  I picked him up and took him to the pediatrician. The doctor said it was just viral and then gave us some advice on handling his runny nose and gunky eyes we've been struggling with lately. I was worried he would be sick on his birthday but Tuesday morning he woke up with no fever.  I kept him home with me and we didn't go to Bible Study. 
We did go to the grocery and he always gets a balloon there.  
So of course we had to get a birthday balloon!

The morning of his birthday he had PDO and was feeling much better so we stopped and got Shipley's donut holes so that he and his friends could celebrate his big day during morning snack. He had a good morning at school and fell right to sleep when I took him upstairs for his nap.
Cuddles with my birthday boy.
Sleepy boy.

After Walker woke up from his nap Kenny and him headed out to the golf course for an afternoon in their happy place.  Walker just loves going on a "ride" on the cart and loves to go run around and swing at stuff with his plastic golf club.  Then they go up to the clubhouse and sit as the bar and eat popcorn.  He is just in heaven on these afternoons and it was the perfect way to spend his birthday with Daddy.
On the cart ready for some fun.
Swinging away. He does this constantly in the back yard too.  
Kenny is loving his swing and follow through.
Stopping to see the moos.
A beautiful end to the day.

After Kenny and Walker came home from the course we waited on Elle to come home from gymnastics.  I cooked chicken spaghetti so we could have family dinner together before we did presents and cupcakes. Ava came over to bring Walker his birthday present.  She knew he loves Curious George and got him a Curious George Jack in the Box.
Ava helping him unwrap his gift.

Getting ready to eat family dinner.
Elle helping him unwrap the present she picked out just for him. 
She was so excited to give it to him and play with it with him.
Playing with toys!

Only picture I got with me in it,  

He got a big truck that makes noises and the arm moves up and 
down when he pushes the button.  He loved it!
 Racing with these push toys we got him.

Stripped down and ready for a birthday cupcake!

Nighty night my sweet two year old!

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