Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Kenny arrived home late Monday night from market.  The kids were already in bed.  Tuesday was Kenny's birthday and we were so happy to have him home to celebrate! Birthday celebrations are pretty low key these days but so sweet. In the morning we surprised Kenny with cards that the kids had worked on the day before, donuts and a new grill.  We sang Happy Birthday to him and blew out his candle.  Then took him out to the patio to show him the new grill that we very much needed! After that Elle was off to school and Walker and I were off to bible study.  Kenny rested and went to play little golf before meeting me and Walker at City Bagel for some lunch.

That afternoon Elle had ballet and we went but right as class started she came out crying saying her tummy hurt.  We decided to go home.  Once we got home she perked up almost immediately so I am pretty sure she just wanted to come home and see her Daddy.  So we spent the afternoon just hanging out and I made chicken and dumplings for his birthday family dinner and we watched Hocus Pocus! Like I said, very low key day but so nice!

Later that week I arranged for a big friend dinner at Anthony's.  I had a van come get us at our house and we had a fun night with friends to celebrate Kenny's birthday one last time until next year!
Elle and Walker working on Kenny's birthday cards.
Even Walker got in on the coloring action.

Sweet girl working hard on her card.  She wrote a message for him all by herself.
Birthday donuts before school. So happy to have Daddy home.

Kenny's birthday cards
Elle's sweet card. "I love you daddy. Happy Birthday." And that is our family 
on the other side with each of us in a pile of leaves.
Walker's card.  He colored and then he told me what to write for him.
Elle's card came with a mustache prop and she was so excited to take pictures with him using it.

Guys and girls at dinner on Friday night!

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