Monday, May 15, 2017


This weekend was a super one spent with friends! Friday night we had a sitter come keep Elle and Walker and we went to a long dinner with good friends before coming home and going to bed.  Saturday morning we got up, had breakfast and then hit the road for Greenwood, MS. My friend Rachael was hosting our annual spring reunion party with some of my college friends and all the kids! Elle was a little sad to miss a birthday party for two of her friends but quickly got over that once we arrived and she saw her buddies from football season Francis and Augustine! 

Rachael also rented a bouncy house for them to play in all day. It had a big slide and they wore themselves playing on it all day.  And although we didn't really plan on swimming in Rachael's pool because it still isn't warm enough they ended up in the pool! They swam and swam and I was happy to see that Elle's swimming is still great from when she taught herself to swim last summer. So we will be good to go when the new country club pool opens up! Walker was a little slow to warm up when we first got there but quickly found all the snacks and he was good to go from there. We originally planned to spend the night at the Alluvian after the party but cancelled the room and left Greenwood around 7:30 or so so we could make the short drive back and all sleep in our own beds. We were so happy we made that decision when we woke up at home. The kids happily watched a movie in the car during the ride and then fell right asleep when we got them into bed. It was such a great day spent together as a family and with our friends!
The kids loved playing with the live crawfish before Joe threw them in the pot! 
Walker was pretty convinced it was a bug so maybe a little unsure.

Making the crawfish spar. 
Group picture! List of families- Brunts, Longs, Shearing, 
Gorneys, Laceys, Martinez's, Faughts and our friend Katie too!
Our best attempt at getting a picture of all the kids!
While Joe cooked crawfish we had some fun with a karaoke machine. Elle loved it!
Love this picture with my sweet girl!
Told you he was happy when he found the food!
Jumpy fun!
Elle and I singing and dancing together to a little karaoke.

Having some dinner on the slide before we hit the road.

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