Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Monday morning Elle and her class had their Kindergarten Program at school. Our school doesn't have an actual graduation ceremony with caps and gowns so this was it! We were excited. It started first thing that morning and we got there early as one does for these things at school. People do not play. We scored some good seats and luckily had chosen the right side that Elle sat on. After a little while they all came filing in in their Sunday attire. Which I have to say those sweet church clothes are better than a cap and gown in my opinion. I would of liked to bring Walker so he could be there but I was not sure how he would handle it and would of hated to be distracted for the occasion. It is fun to look forward to his kindergarten program and I will be able to pull out of her class then and she will get to come watch his. And then I will cry and cry!

The actual program was very sweet and cute. They did lots of little songs that showed us all they had learned. It was funny to me because they were all the songs that I had heard every day after school from the last year. But I would only hear bits and pieces. During the program they sang all the songs in their entirety. Then they did a alphabet bible verse and Elle had letter M. We have been practicing her verse. My help comes from the Lord. She did great! Once the program was over we took lots of pictures before going to collect Elle's backpack in her classroom.  We originally planned to let her stay at school for the rest of the day which dismissal was at 12. But she wanted to go with us so we decided to take her out for breakfast and let her choose wherever she wanted to go. We pushed a little for Starkville Cafe but since she had just had that over the weekend she jumped at the chance to hit up Waffle House. I didn't mind because their waffles are delish. After breakfast we went home to play before going to pick up Walker at PDO. Onto first grade for Elle! But first comes summer!
Waiting on the guests of honor to arrive.
Here they come and we found Elle.
Look at those smiles she was shooting at us. Makes my heart want to burst.

Elle and Quinn doing their "M" bible verse.
I can't remember what these happy face plate things were about but they were funny.
At the end of the program they told all of them to sit up big and smile super big so their parents could take on last picture. It was so adorable. Goodness I know I sound so gushy but they are such babies and I know it is all going to go by in a blink of an eye.
Proud of our girl after her program.
One of our last pictures with our favorite Kindergarten teacher's Mrs. Wendy.
Collier and Elle.
Our favorite twins! Audrey and Ella!
Audrey, Emily, Cate, Ella, Elle, Reese and Audrey Caroline

Reese, Collier, Piper, Mary Kenway, Audrey Caroline and Elle
A picture of her sticker chart. She gets a sticker every time she clicks up. 
She has more than anyone in the class. Proud parents of course.
Enjoying our celebration brunch. It was so good. I love love 
their waffles and I am happy Elle does too!

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