Tuesday, May 23, 2017


We are in the last week of school! Woo hoo! I, like everyone else, feel like we are crawling over the finish line.  Elle has all half days this week and is completely done on Thursday. Yesterday we had her Kindergarten Graduation program but before I do a post on that I thought I would do a this and that post to recap the weekend.

On Friday evening we went to one of the last baseball games for the season. It was a pretty evening and extra special because it was our last time to be at Dudy Noble before they tear down the Left Field lounge and redo the whole stadium. It is a little sad that the stadium that is known for being so special will change. We had hot dogs for dinner and Elle had a friend come see her and they went to the jumpies for a little while. I also pulled out some binoculars that I bought for the kids and Walker and Elle really enjoyed playing with those and looking at the game extra close.
Enjoying the snacks at the game as he always does.
It was a little warm until the sun went down but after that it was really nice.

He thinks he is so big when I let him drink out of his own water bottle.
Taking in the sights with her new binoculars.
On to the next snack.

This is a picture of Elle hitting her Daddy up for dip n dots ice cream.
Walker ate and licked every drop of that dip n dots too.
Selfie with Walker while Elle was with her friend.

Saturday was our 11 year wedding anniversary! We told Elle since she was still too little to worry with a gift that all we wanted was a nice morning out as a family. She thought that was funny. She will understand one day. Especially with a 2 year old. So we loaded up and went to the farmers market for a little while and then went and had breakfast at Starkville Cafe. We also popped into a children's boutique to get Elle some new shoes before coming home.
Elle pushing Walker in the stroller on our way to the Farmer's Market.

Later that afternoon we had a sitter come so Kenny and I could go on a casual date to celebrate our anniversary. We originally planned to go to the baseball game that was scheduled for that afternoon but it was pouring rain. So we opted for his and her pedicures which we are totally not above and then went to see the movie Snatched with Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn and then went to a nice dinner. It was very low key and relaxing! We were home and in bed by 9 just the way we like.
Kenny getting a pedicure with a cup of scotch in hand.
Anniversary pedicures!
On our way home from dinner we drove past the house where Kenny proposed on Lumus.

Sunday morning we went to Sunday school and church and then came home and got dressed and headed to the pool. It was supposed to rain that afternoon and the new country club pool had just opened this weekend so we wanted to make the most of our time. We got there before it opened though and had to wait a little bit. Oops! But the weather ended up clearing up and we had the best afternoon. The new pool is so nice and the club has added a snack shack and all kinds of fun stuff so we are in for a super fun summer! The  new pool also has a zero entry which is perfect for Walker's age. He was a little slow to warm up but once he got comfortable with the water he had the best time! He will be jumping off the diving board by the end of the summer I bet!
He was not happy at all with Kenny putting on his puddle jumper.

Like really mad.
Venturing into the water with Daddy.
Pool break and ice cream sandwiches for everyone!

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