Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Mother's Day was so much fun this year. I truly felt loved as I always do but also appreciated and celebrated. And sometimes that is just nice. On Friday I picked Walker up from PDO and his teachers had prepared a card and a little gift from Walker.  It was so cute and sweet for them to do that. The gift was a pot holder with his hand print on it and it said Momma's Little Helper and a card too.
My Mother's Day package from Walker.

On Sunday-actual Mother's Day Kenny let me sleep late. When I got up I was showered with presents. I got some candles from Aspen Bay I love and a massage from Kenny. And then from Elle I got the sweetest bracelet that she made with my friend Liza who makes jewelry. It was extra special because she made it for me knowing she would give it to me for Mothers Day and I love it and the thought she put into it. Kenny got the kids all bathed and ready (with a little help from me) so that we could go to Mother's Day lunch at Old Waverly. It was a really pretty day and a nice drive out to the club. We saw some friends there and were able to get some family pictures which always makes me a happy girl!
Elle took this picture of me and Kenny before we left.
My precious family on Mother's Day.
This is a recreation of a famous picture at Waverly. Standing in-between two holes. 
Throughly enjoying their dessert at Mother's Day lunch.
He made the biggest mess with that cake.
Elle saw her friends Audrey and Elle at lunch.

On Monday morning I was so excited because Elle was hosting me to her Kindergarten classroom for Muffins for Mom. This is a sweet little event they have only in Kindergarten. Kenny came a few months ago for Doughnuts for Dad and now it was my turn. Elle had let it slip on a couple things that they had worked on for the morning and she was so excited because she confirmed before hand that my favorite food is tacos and she was right! I do really really love tacos!  So I walked her in and I was so excited to read her little sheet she had filled about about me. She must of read it to me 5 times. There was also a cute little handprint monkey picture. We were able to visit and had some muffins and then it was time for me to go. I am so grateful for these moments with her.
Her with her "All About My Mom" sheet.
Reading it to me.
Her monkey sheet said "I love hanging with you."
Enjoying our muffins.

So my friend kept Walker at her house while I did muffins for mom and then I went to grab him and I took him to PDO. When I got to his classroom they were also having muffins for mom. I was not aware that this was on the calendar! Oops! They handed me a rose which was really sweet and offered Walker and I both a muffin but Walker did not really want the muffin. He wanted to go play and he seemed more bothered by the fact that I was sticking around because it was outside the norm. So I decided to leave. As soon as I got in the car I felt so guilty for not staying even though it was probably the right decision. I felt so bad that I had not taken a picture with him. So I couldn't wait to pick him up from PDO later that day. I was going to take him for ice cream as a treat! Just me and him! When I told him as we were getting in the car he was so excited. He and I had the best time. At first I only got him a scoop of ice cream but he kept saying "Mama ice cream! Mama ice cream!" So I got some too! He ate every last bit and was covered from head to toe. I had it all over me too but I was okay with that because we had such a good time together. There will be more muffins in my future with him but this year we enjoyed our ice cream instead!
 Butter pecan for me and Cookies and Cream for him!
 Both of us smiling big!
He was a sticky mess but it was worth it.

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