Monday, May 8, 2017


This weekend was a busy and fun one! On Friday, right after school Elle had a birthday party for four little boys at the skating rink.  This is only the second time Elle has been skating.  Luckily our roller rink has these little things that they can hold on to. I was talking with another mom and we were saying that when we were kids that we are left to just cling to the wall until we learned.
Elle making her way onto the rink.
Elle and some of her friends at the party. Most of the time they were in their socks just riding these things as toys which was fine with me.  Less likely to break something this way!

On Saturday morning we relaxed and played at home and then Kenny took the kids to the country club for lunch while I was able to shower and primp for our Junior Auxiliary's big annual event, the Kentucky Derby. We had a sitter that the kids really enjoy come since she would be here for a while and I think they had lots of fun! I had to work the first shift so I got ready and my friends Foley and Margaret came and we rode out there together.  Then Jay and Robby came over to our house and hung out with Kenny and they all rode out together. By the time Kenny got there I was all done with my shift and we could just relax and have fun! I was so pleased with Kenny's derby attire this year. I just love him in a bow tie! Told him we were going to have to find more reasons for him to wear one. We hung out and watched the races and then the band cranked up.  The food was great and we won't a couple of things at the silent auction. Kenny won a football signed by Dan Mullen and then we got a cookie decorating party with my friend Sarah who does the most delicious and cutest cookies. I figured it would be a fun little play date for Elle and her friends.

After the party we went over to our friends Jeremy and Sarah's for pizza and a fire before going to bed way past our bedtime.  It was another great party and one I always look forward to!
Pic on the red carpet when Kenny first arrived!
Put your bets in on which horse will win!
Everyone gathered together to watch the race.
Group picture of most of the JA members.
Picture with Foley!
Watching the races!
Sarah, Margaret and me!
The Cooks and the Laceys!
Me and Missy. Missy was the event chair and she did such an amazing job!
Kenny, Jay and Will.

Margaret, Meredith and me!
Sarah, Kristina, me, Foley and Lorin

And I just have to leave this picture here for memory sake and safe keeping. Sunday, Elle got into trouble for being disrespectful and got sent to her room. After a little while she came down and said "I wrote this for you!" and went back upstairs.  It is really the first longish note of this nature I have received and I thought it was was so funny.
"I am sorry I was being rude so much. I love you so much and you are the best move ever. 

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