Thursday, May 3, 2012


Well technically 31 but who is counting.  I can do anything for 31 days right?!?  The other day when Kenny and I were out for a walk I told him that I wanted to quit eating carbs and sugars (and mostly no alcohol for me) for the month of May.  Reason being, we are headed to the beach for a week at the beginning of June.  I. cannot. wait.  However, not so thrilled about the ol' bathing suit part.

A few summers ago I had crazy results by following the South Beach Diet hardcore.  Looking back, I was a nut about it but I was the smallest I have been since college.  I was at a really happy weight and I would do ANYTHING to get back to that weight.  In the meantime cutting out some carbs and sugar can't hurt anything.  So Kenny said he wanted to do it with me.  So we resolved to no carbs, no sugar and working out every single day the entire month of May. Who knows maybe it will stick and I will continue to refrain from these things after the beach.   But I'm excited to tone up and maybe/hopefully lose a few pounds.

Does anyone else get frustrated with the weight battle and trying to lose just knowing that you are going to be pregnant again at some point down the road. It stinks.  I would love to know that if I lose a substantial amount of weight that it would be for good.  But I also don't plan to "enjoy" pregnancy as much as last time when it comes to food.

Alright, so there it is.  Today is the 3rd and so far I have been doing really well.  No carbs, no sugar and exercise!  I can do anything for 31 days!!

P.S.  I love carbs so so so so so much.  So much.

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Joey and Kristin Lindley said...

good luck!! you will do great! this would be super hard for me, too, bc i LOVIE love love a carb.