Thursday, May 10, 2012


Don't have a whole lot of things to say about one thing so here are some random tid bits.

-Girls.  Are you watching? I am so obsessed.  The writing is so witty and the conversations (some of them) are so similar to conversations my girlfriends and I would have or I have heard other people have.  Plus I get a huge kick out of the fact that the girl who plays Marnie is Bryan Williams daughter.

-Summertime.  This Sunday I will be sitting down and making a schedule for Elle and I.  We are about to go CRAZY in this house.  I feel like she is so bored and I need to do more more more to stimulate her. I want to have at least one leave the house activity that we do every single week day if not two.So stay tuned.  Once I get the schedule situated I will be sure to share.

-New paint!  So we had our house repainted.  I was totally nervous because I was supposed to be picking out colors when the stomach flu hit so when they knocked on the door needing answers I made a really quick decision. I thought we wanted to do a hunter green but their darkest green when put on a shutter was more kelly green.  So I made another lickity split decision and went with black shutters/white trim.  I think it looks really good.

- No carbs, no sugar has returned and Kenny and I are both doing really well.  I can do anything for 31 days. I can do anything for 31 days.  I can do anything for 31 days.
-Shades of Grey - So I am ready to say that I am enjoying the books.  I finished the second book last night and will start the third book today.  Yes they are very risque but they are hard to put down.  Plus my friend Susan is reading them too so we are discussing as we go so it is fun! Have you read them?
- Kenny and I had date night on Monday night.  We grabbed some dinner and then went to see The Avengers which Kenny was dying to see.  It was good.  I will say it is pretty long and it did take a while for them to get the "crew" of super heroes assembled.  But it eventually picked up and turned out to be a decent movie. I thoroughly enjoyed our date and was glad I could make Kenny happy by seeing the movie.

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